Applications & interviews

The current job market is extremely competitive, and we have a strong track record of guiding students and graduates through the marketplace into successful careers.

Contemporary recruitment is very detailed, often more rigorous than a simple application and interview. Group assessment, psychometric testing and other strategies are employed to test prospective employees, and we can help you prepare for all of these by tailoring your profile, skills and CV accordingly.

You can use our application planning module on MyCareerExplorer, which includes tutorials and employer video advice.



CV help

Use our employer CV content tips, presentation advice and CV Builder to help with writing your CV. Use you NTU ID and password to log into these tools.

Interview preparation

Help and advice on how to be successful at interview. Tips on conducting research before the interview, preparation skills and asking the right questions.

Presentation skills

We provide comprehensive support material that can help you develop survival skills for this competitive and fast-moving environment, and we can help you become a strong candidate and increase your profile by enhancing your communication skills.

Student preparing for interview