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NTU crest with text 'Graduation 2015. Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.'

July 2015 ceremonies

Student registration for the ceremonies taking place from 20-24 July 2015 will open from Tuesday 10 March.

Students should register online.

Guest tickets

Students are now eligible to receive up to two free guest tickets if they register by the deadline outlined in the invitation. Please note ticket allocations cannot be transferred to other students.

Extra tickets may become available from 21 April and will be charged at £25 each.

Prepare for graduation

In these web pages you will find everything you need to know in order to prepare for your ceremony, including:

Have a question?

Our helpful guide has the answers to your frequently asked questions.

Order your graduation merchandise

The Official Nottingham Trent University Graduation store offers a range of exclusive, custom made products to mark the celebration of your Graduation. You can pre-order by visiting the website.



Hire your graduation gown

From 2 March you will be able to place your order online via the University's official gowners, Ede & Ravenscroft. You will benefit from a £5 saving on the normal price.

You can also telephone 01223 861854, but please note: you will not receive the online hire discount if you order via the call centre.