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Wednesday 21 December 2011

Taste NTU outlets receive Silver award

The Silver award logo
The status was awarded to NTU by the Soil Association

Dine Arkwright, Dine Eliot and Dine Brackenhurst have been awarded the Silver Food for Life catering mark, a status awarded by the Soil Association. This is a guarantee that our restaurants produce meals using fresh ingredients, free from controversial additives and better for animal welfare.

NTU is one of only two universities to have received the Silver award

NTU is one of only two universities to have received the Silver award. According to the Soil Association, NTU provides the largest number of Silver meals to students and staff, and it is the first university to serve them on a daily basis.

The criteria

For the restaurants to be awarded the catering mark, they have to be inspected by the Soil Association and meet the following criteria:

  • meals cannot contain any hydrogenated fats or GM ingredients
  • 75% of dishes have to be freshly prepared and seasonal
  • meat has to be from farms which satisfy UK welfare standards and fish has to be sustainable
  • training is provided for all catering staff
  • a range of local, organic and fair trade produce is served
  • chicken, eggs and pork products are from sources which meet high welfare standards or 10% of food is organic
  • information about where the food has come from is on display

Sustainable, high quality, high welfare food

Achievement of the catering mark shows the University’s commitment to sourcing sustainable, high quality, high welfare food and is assurance for students and staff that we care about the food served to them.

Comment from Annette Gallagher, Catering Manager

Annette Gallagher, Catering Manager, said: “The Silver Food for Life catering mark is recognition for the hard work that our Executive Chef, Ivan Hopkins, and his team have put into compiling menus and sourcing local products that are fresh and free from unwanted additives. This also helps to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Comment from Ivan Hopkins, Executive Chef

Ivan Hopkins added: “This really is a fantastic result. It was a huge challenge that took a lot of time and effort but the outcome is that we are providing healthy, nutritious meals which are produced in-house by our team of chefs using fresh ingredients. The process has also enabled us to form a closer relationship with our suppliers.”

More information

Visit the catering page on the Current Students site for more information.

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