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A 3D model of the trocar design

Design to slash keyhole surgery injuries

Failed clinical insertions for keyhole surgery could be reduced after researchers developed a new needle which self-retracts to avoid potentially fatal injuries.

10 November 2014
Farms can make a big contribution to the energy system, says the coalition
UK farms could be a major player in a shift towards a resilient, low-carbon energy system, according to an important report launched today by the Farm Power coalition.
21 November 2014
Winner Jess Barry with her designs
Students at Nottingham Trent University have been awarded more than £5,000 for designing Made in Britain fashion for older women.
21 November 2014
Beach area decking with sandpit
A new £10,000 beach-themed outdoor area has been opened at a Nottinghamshire Primary and Nursery school in response to a research project which worked with pupils aged three to five to investigate which spaces improve child communication.
21 November 2014
Design visualisation work by Cyan Jordan
Work a Nottingham Trent University textile graduate completed for top fashion designer Richard Nicoll has opened doors for her to collaborate with the designer again.
18 November 2014
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