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Former Archbishop of Canterbury to speak at university's tenth Distinguished Lecture Series

Former Archbishop of Canterbury and Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Dr Rowan Williams, will be one of five speakers in Nottingham Trent University's 2015-16 Distinguished Lecture Series.

7 October 2015
Dr John Disney, rail and transport expert at Nottingham Business School, gives his views on the introduction of a National Infrastructure Commission and why it may cause conflict.
7 October 2015
The study will look at how internet use differs country-to-country
Psychologists are appealing for participants to help with a new European study investigating internet use among adults.
7 October 2015
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A new festival which intends to introduce a Chinese film industry phenomenon – microfilm - to new audiences will be taking place in Nottingham from 15 - 20 October 2015.
1 October 2015
NTU's new Boots Library Roof Garden
The first new space in Nottingham Trent University's 'Greening the City' initiative – the Boots Library Roof Garden - opens to students and staff for the start of the new academic year on Monday 28 September.
28 September 2015
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