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Confetti Media Group

Nottingham Trent University acquires Confetti Media Group

Professor Edward Peck, Vice-Chancellor of Nottingham Trent University and Craig Chettle, Founder and Managing Director of the Confetti Media Group, announce the acquisition of the businesses of the Confetti Media Group by Nottingham Trent University.

29 July 2015
The project aims to ensure responsible research and innovation
Nottingham Trent University is to play a key role in a €4 million project aimed at ensuring that research and innovation continuously reflect and respond to societal needs.
31 July 2015
Five new companies have joined MediCity
Canadian company MetaOptima Technology Incorporated is one of five new companies to join MediCity, the UK's rapidly-expanding innovation hub for consumer healthcare, medical technology, diagnostics and beauty products.
29 July 2015
The study involved using the Nintendo 'Wiimote' remote control
Research investigating the potential for Nintendo Wii-based technology to help people who are blind to navigate virtual environments – thereby enabling them to explore real spaces – has earned a top international award.
29 July 2015
Photography graduate Anna White
NTU graduate Anna White has been selected to represent UK Young Artists at the Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale in Milan.
27 July 2015
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