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Kayt with Study Scores, 2nd Movement

Fine Art student wins major national award

Graduating Fine Art student Kayt Hughes has scooped the prestigious Woon Foundation Art and Sculpture Prize.

6 July 2015
The award was presented at the British Society for Criminology's annual conference
A national award which aims to highlight and celebrate best practice in criminology teaching has been won by Nottingham Trent University.
2 July 2015
Eve Kann with her Queen Herodius costume
A student from Nottingham Trent University has won a national award for her original and extravagant seven foot high opera costume design.
2 July 2015
The research team and Stephen Lorimer (centre, back) of Sustainable Society Network+
Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have developed a way to embed clothes with tiny data chips which cannot be seen in situ by the naked eye.
1 July 2015
Peregrine falcons can reach speeds of more than 200mph
Researchers are investigating what impact nesting in urban areas is having on peregrine falcons.
1 July 2015
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