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Business Administration (DBA)


Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is designed to improve your business and managerial practice through the development of your personal, intellectual and academic abilities, via a research-based project. It has a strong and committed focus on managerial and professional practice, and seeks to link the rigorous study of work-based problems and issues to personal and professional development, thereby ensuring transfer of learning into organisational and managerial practice.

Entry requirements: Please see the Applying section
Starting: September
Course length: Can be completed in four to eight years, part-time
Study location: City site

Fees and funding:

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Our DBA demands commitment, energy and hard work. In return you will be provided with a stimulating and life-enhancing development experience with the award of an increasingly valued qualification.

The DBA aims:

  • to explore the relationship between theory and practice, between understanding the world and changing it
  • to develop your judgement, foresight, and problem analysis by applying theoretical and forensic skills to the research material derived from their investigations
  • to develop you as a reflective practitioner who has the intellectual and personal adaptability to be able to deal with organisational change and ambiguity
  • to develop communication skills which will enable you to communicate effectively with both academic and managerial and business communities, and to act as interpreters between the two
  • to help you design and implement a research project at the boundaries of knowledge in your professional and managerial fields.

Why study for the DBA at Nottingham Business School?
The Doctorate of Business Administration is a research-based qualification and has the same academic standing as a PhD. As a student you can therefore expect a challenging, stretching, and demanding experience conducted in a stimulating atmosphere of intellectual and academic debate.

Our DBA aims to have a wider impact and real-world influence, enabling you to make an important contribution to society, culture and business.

Practical perspective
Established approaches to advanced study through independent research are traditionally focused on academic training. Nottingham Business School’s DBA focuses on meeting the professional and personal needs of those working in demanding managerial roles.

Challenging traditional management understanding
The DBA will encourage you to challenge currently assumed knowledge and understanding of management. We support each individual's commitment to finding new, innovative and personal responses to their organisational and managerial roles.

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