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Jane Ching
Name:Jane Ching
School / Department:College of Business Law & Social Sciences, Nottingham Law School
Telephone:+44 (0)115 848 4157
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Jane is a qualified solicitor and the Professor of Professional Legal Education at Nottingham Law School, working with colleagues in the Centre for Legal Education, of which she is director.

She is also course leader of the Doctorate in Legal Practice and supervises PhD, EdD and DLegalPrac students working on projects in legal education, and with early career professionals in other disciplines. She works extensively with professional bodies and regulators, here and abroad, in reviewing and designing structures of legal education and training for the professions.

An inaugural lecture by Professor Jane Ching- 'The Judge and the Jedi: Language, Legal Power and Legal Learning'

On the 27 November 2013, Professor Jane Ching presented an inaugural lecture. The lecture examined ways in which lawyers use language to prescribe, describe, translate and persuade, as well as ways in which lawyers need to be alert to shades of word use and nuances of expression.

View Jane's inaugural lecture