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Salters' Festival of Chemistry at Nottingham Trent University - 21 May 2008

School pupils from across the East Midlands will be making their way to Nottingham Trent University to learn more about the incredible world of chemistry. Fifteen schools will be represented at this year’s Salters' Festival of Chemistry, hosted by the university's Centre of Effective Learning in Science (CELS) at the Clifton Campus on Wednesday 21 May.

Each school team, comprising of four 11-13 year olds, will take part in two competitive hands on challenges designed to help them better understand chemistry and its applications in the real world. During the morning the pupils will be asked to carry out tests and experiments on salts, whilst in the afternoon each team will be challenged to produce its very own brand of universal indicator solution. Teachers and pupils alike will also be treated to a talk from Mark Crowley (CELS), who will be showing off some of the bangs and flashes that chemistry can cause.

Dr Georgina Westbrook, CELS Outreach Coordinator at Nottingham Trent University, said: “We’re delighted to be hosting the Salters' Festival of Chemistry here again. The enthusiasm from the pupils taking part is always really high and it’s great to see them enjoying learning about chemistry.”

Both of the challenges carried out by the pupils will be judged by Nottingham Trent University staff with cash prizes from the Salters' Institute being awarded for first, second and third places. All the pupils will receive fun prizes and certificates for taking part in the festival.

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