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50 good reasons to study science...

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Reason 1

"Studying science will broaden your understanding of the world around you, may allow you to influence and develop accepted scientific knowledge, and will give you the skills needed to approach most matters in a reasoned and analytical manner."

Dr Zac Sloman, Gatsby Business-Science Fellow, Nottingham
(Subject: PhD Chemistry)
Reason 2

“Science makes a positive impact on people’s lives. In many cases, Science saves lives. Scientists use their expertise to develop real solutions for real problems. Remedies for many of the challenges that face our world will be developed by researchers who devote their whole lives to the pursuit of Science.”

Professor Neil T Gorman, Vice-Chancellor Nottingham Trent University
(Subject: Veterinary Science)

Reason 3

"Studying Science can help you to distinguish between fact and marketing ploys so you can make informed decision about buying new products yourself."

Science student, Nottingham

Reason 4

"One of the best reasons for studying science is the wide variety of work it gives you access to. There is a shortage of Biomedical Scientists so there is little job competition here, I previously worked as a science teacher, again a shortage area. My science background can also get me involved in research and the strong academic challenges of a science degree make it applicable to other careers. Science can provide a career for life because even if you don’t want to stay in one area of science many careers are interchangeable with a little extra study, again this is how I changed from teaching to laboratory science by following a part-time one year course. Finally it is extremely interesting and has many layers of depth of understanding, I recommend it."

Maggie Mulholland, Hospital biomedical scientist, Northampton
(Subject: BSc Genetics)
Reason 5

"Doing a job in drug delivery research and development is really rewarding; it is a great feeling to know that when you make a breakthrough it has the potential to benefit lots of people."

Dr Helen Woods, Critical Pharmaceuticals, Nottingham

Reason 6

"I decided to study science at university because it was the subject I most enjoyed whilst doing my A-levels."

Undergraduate Chemistry Student, Nottingham

Reason 7

"Studying science opens the students to a range of ways of thinking e.g. analysis of observations, spotting trends and patterns, as well as some mathematics and computation, in addition to the important practical laboratory work. Thus, the student can discover which ways of working (s)he is most suited to, and there is a chance for these to develop during the time at university. For this reason a science degree is a well established platform to a surprisingly wide range of careers outside science (e.g. accountancy, management, sales) as well as within science (research, teaching). A science degree leaves a student's options open as to what final career to choose, and can include work placements in industry, to give a flavour of the opportunities available."

Professor John Wallis, Nottingham Trent University

Reason 8

“Studying science at university is a fantastic opportunity – not only do you get all the fun of being at university but there is a lot of state of the art equipment meaning you can study things that you couldn’t at school, you can focus in on the specific subject areas you find most interesting and a university education will lead on to a whole host of careers.”

Elizabeth Hart, School's Activities Officer, Nottingham Trent University
(Subject: BSc Psychology)
Reason 9

"As a science graduate you will have honed some extremely transferable skills: Your ability to be analytical is vital in roles where important and complex decisions need to be made, your research skills will enable you to add value in new start up situations and project work. Finally your excellent numeric skills will give you confidence in situations where you need good commercial acumen and have to compete in a world run by accountants!"

Kristina Lloyd, Recruitment and Selection Administrator, Human Resources, Nottingham Trent University

Reason 10

"I have chosen to study chemistry because it has always been my favourite subject and I would like to be a chemistry teacher eventually."

Undergraduate Chemistry Student, Nottingham

 Reasons: 1 to 10  11 to 20  21 to 30  31 to 40  41 to 50

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50 Reasons to study science

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