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Primary resources

My favourite scientist
Who is your favourite scientist? This question has been posed to researchers from the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University. The short video clips are a valuable teaching tool detailing the work of scientists past and present. Suitable for all key stages.

Fizzy rocket activity - This activity will give children the chance to design, build, test and redesign their own model rockets.
This resource is suitable for pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2.

Gravity ball - Investigate the strength of gravity on the surface of different planets by throwing a virtual football. Can you work out which planet has the strongest gravitational pull? Which planets have a force of gravity close to that of our own planet?
This resource is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

Body parts - Do you know where in your body your heart, stomach or liver is? Learn more about these and other organs with this drag and drop activity.
This resource is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

Solar system - Find out where each of the planets in our solar system are positioned and the relative speeds at which they move around the sun.
Solar system is designed for use on a whiteboard and is suitable for pupils in Key Stage 2.

Word loop
This resource will enable teachers to create quick and easy plenary and starter sessions that are fun for all levels.
Animation and user guide.

Bingo cards
Another tool for the creation of quick and easy to use plenary and starter sessions. Science bingo is suitable for all levels and can also be adapted for any subject or topic.
Animation and user guide.
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