Household income

Student finance applications are usually assessed on the last complete tax year before student finance applications open for the academic year in question.

Current year income assessments 

If your household income has dropped by at least 15% since this time, you can ask to be assessed on the current tax year instead. In order to do this, you will need to complete a 2012 / 13 Current Year Income Assessment FormPDF icon

Once complete, you will need to send this form to your National Student Finance Service.

Please note, you still need to submit your 2010 / 11 financial assessment details on the Student Finance England website

More information about income assessments is available on the Directgov website. You can also find out what to do if your income or family circumstances change.

Access to Learning Fund
The University has a limited fund of money to assist students in financial hardship. The Fund has strict eligibility criteria and a standardised assessment procedure, set nationally, which calculates the level of support based on a significant shortfall between annual income and basic expenditure. Assistance from the Fund is only intended to supplement statutory funding where there is a proven additional need.

More information is available from on the Access to Learning Fund page or by contacting the Student Financial Support Service.

Further advice
If you are experiencing financial difficulties or need further advice, please contact the Student Financial Support Service on 0115 848 2494 or via email. Our Student Finance Advisers can offer advice and guidance with managing your money and will also be able to provide both budgeting and debt advice.