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I want help I am worried about someone else

Do you want help with how you feel?

Isolated? Low? Stressed? Something on your mind? Can't get over your ex? Lost a loved one?

Struggling at university?

Can't cope? Stopped coming in? Behind with your studies? Thinking of leaving? Homesick? Can't get motivated? Can't face work?

Mental health worries?

Depressed? Overwhelmed? Negative thoughts? Anxious? Socially anxious? Suicidal thoughts? Self-harming? Obsessive compulsive?

Problems with others?

In a controlling relationship? Bullied? Trolled? Being harmed or threatened? A victim of crime? Sexual Assault? Rape?

Worried about behaviours or habits?

Gambling? Alcohol? Drugs?

Need to talk about your identity?

Gender? Transgender? Sexual identity? Lesbian? Gay? Bisexual? Race? Ethnicity? Disability? Religion?

Want advice about pregnancy and your studies?

Are you a first year student finding it hard to settle in?

It’s normal to feel a bit homesick and unsettled, but if you need help, we’re here. If you are worried about a first year student then please also get in touch.

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Are your problems affecting your studies?

If you feel that your academic performance has been affected by illness or other exceptional circumstances, please urgently contact your tutors and submit a Notification of Exceptional Circumstances (NEC). You can also contact the Students' Union Advice and Information Service. For further details, see our need help section.

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For students seeking help: +44 (0)115 848 2990

For 3rd parties worried about a student: +44 (0)115 848 6880