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Course Lifecycle Project

The Course Lifecycle Project aims to improve NTU's capacity to plan, design and manage courses from inception through to retirement that contribute to strategic objectives, are innovative and provide high-quality learning opportunities and excellent student outcomes.

Course Lifecycle Overview

  • Aims

    To improve NTU’s capacity to plan, design and manage courses that provide high-quality learning opportunities and excellent outcomes for our students. ​

  • Background

    While we have excellent data on which to base decisions about current courses, there are now too many review and reporting points for course teams. This undermines their capacity to respond meaningfully to any one requirement, this has led to a focus on documentation rather than innovation and course design that makes NTU courses great.

    Additionally, course teams do not have sufficient capacity to develop new courses, creating a risk, not only for our ability to innovate, but also for academic quality and financial viability. One phenomenon observed is that teams make frequent, successive adaptations to courses, meaning these are constantly in a state of change and stability needs to be given to those delivering out courses.

  • Expected benefits

    The benefits to the Project are:

    • improved portfolio planning and overview;
    • improved course team understanding of business and academic success factors;
    • improved decision-making about courses;
    • greater support for design and innovation in course development;
    • leaner reporting and development processes;
    • more effective processes to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Approach

    The Project is split into four workstreams:

    • Portfolio Planning and Approval
    • Design and Development
    • Implementation
    • Review

    The Project is strategically directed by a Project Board who compromises of stakeholders from across NTU.

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