Course Lifecycle Project

The Course Lifecycle Project aims to improve NTU's capacity to plan, design and manage courses from inception through to retirement that contribute to strategic objectives, are innovative and provide high-quality learning opportunities and excellent student outcomes.

Course Lifecycle Overview

  • Aims

    The project aims to design a completely new approach to course lifecycle by redesigning course review and (re)development processes including business, academic, collaborative, scholarship and administrative considerations.

    Success will be evidenced by well-designed courses which are kept fresh and incorporate innovative practice; academic staff who are motivated by and have time to focus on design and review; a design, development and approval process that feels like a collaborative endeavour between academic and professional services staff; and a selection process for design/re-design that ensures sufficient investment of resources.

  • Background

    The challenges that the project seeks to respond to are multifaceted and, if not addressed, place a risk on the successful realisation of the ambitions of the new institutional strategy 'University, reimagined' with respect to student experience, innovation and reputation for teaching.

    These challenges include:

    • Under-resourced course design
    • Protracted process of approval
    • Multiple review and reporting requirements

  • Expected benefits

    By the end of the project, we aim to have achieved the following outcomes with associated benefits:

    • An improved portfolio planning and overview
    • An improved understanding of business and academic success factors
    • An understanding of the resource required for course development and a mandate that this resource is built into workload planning
    • Greater capacity for course development, with more focus on design and innovation and a commitment to support such developments
    • A leaner, more effective and coordinated course approval process that enables an efficient and speedy set-up of courses or course changes, once approved
    • A leaner, more effective and coordinated review process using better evidence which is comprehensive, good quality, efficiently presented

  • Approach

    The project has four work-streams

    • Course design and development
    • Course approval
    • Course implementation
    • Course review

    Each work-stream comprises a range of key stakeholders drawn from across academic schools and professional services.

  • Progress

    The project was initiated in Autumn 2018 and aims for full implementation in 2020/21.

    Proposed models for course design, development and approval, and for course review have been agreed and are now in the second stage of development. This page will be updated as the project progresses.

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