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Personal Tutoring Development Programme

What is it?

The programme offers academics development in embedding effective coaching skills in their personal tutoring practice, to enable students to come up with answers themselves, improve resilience and therein personalise their experience. As well as this, the Programme aims to professionally develop academics with new skills that will help them progress in their careers.

Student recieving support from NTU staff

Programmes available

There are two types of programme available for staff to participate in:

  • Coaching Skills for Personal Tutors Programme

    This programme is for all academics who hold the responsibility of Personal Tutor but is more aimed at new tutors or existing tutors who would like to gain an understanding of how Personal Tutoring can be used to support students by coaching.

    At the end of the Programme, attendees will have an understanding of coaching and gain confidence in how to practically exercise these skills.

    Length: One full day and a half, as well as half a day follow-up in the following months.

    Please see below a timetable of dates and times available for the Programme

    1Monday 17th February, Monday 18th February, Thursday 2nd AprilCity
    2Wednesday 26th February, Thursday 27th February, Thursday 9th AprilClifton
    3Wednesday 11th March, Thursday 12th March, Monday 20th AprilClifton
    4Wednesday 18th March, Thursday 19th March, Thursday 30th AprilClifton
    5Monday 30th March, Tuesday 31st March, Tuesday 12th MayCity
    6Monday 6th April, Tuesday 7th April, Thursday 28th MayCity
    7Wednesday 15th April, Thursday 16th April, Tuesday 2nd JuneCity
    8Wednesday 22nd April, Thursday 23rd April, Thursday 4th JuneClifton
    9Monday 27th April, Tuesday 28th April, Tuesday 9th JuneCity
    10Monday 4th May, Tuesday 5th May, Wednesday 10th JuneCity
    11Monday 11th May, Tuesday 12th May, Tuesday 16th JuneCity
    12Wednesday 20th May, Thursday 21st May, Thursday 18th JuneCity

  • Advanced Tutoring Programme

    This programme is for those experienced Personal Tutors who wish to improve their skills in listening, relationship building and setting boundaries. This Programme will take a more in-depth look at the practices behind tutoring and how they can be best implemented depending on the situation presented.

    At the end of the Programme, attendees will have a greater understanding of how to create a more personalised tutoring experience for students, and how best to support them depending on their individual contexts.

    Length: Two full days, followed by half a day follow-up. (Locations and follow up dates TBC)

    Please see below a timetable of dates and times available for the programme.

    1Wednesday 15th April, Thursday 16th April
    2Friday 15th May, Saturday 16th May
    3Friday 22nd May, Saturday 23rd May
    4 (Fully Booked)Monday 22nd June, Tuesday 23rd June
    5Thursday 25th June, Friday 26th June

How to Sign Up

If you are interested in attending a session, please fill in this Form and indicate which sessions you would like to attend.

More information

For more information, please contact Jelena Matic.

Still need help?

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