Success for All

We are committed to providing opportunities for all our students to achieve success regardless of their background. We continue to seek effective evidence-based, context-specific solutions to improve the student academic experience across our provision.

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  • Aim

    NTU is committed to providing opportunities for all students to achieve success regardless of their background, characteristics or prior educational history.

  • What it is

    ‘Success for All’ is a strategic programme across NTU overseen by Vice-Chancellor Professor Edward Peck. Academic Development and Quality are leading several related projects in this area including the following:

    Active Collaborative Learning

    Active, collaborative learning approaches are associated with reduced disparities in progression and attainment between groups of students and were the subject of our Scaling up active collaborative learning for student success project which completed in February 2019. Details of the project can be found here. (hyperlink to the publication SCALE-UP page).

    Research into LGBTQ+ Student Experiences

    The Educational Research and Evaluation team are currently undertaking research into the academic experiences of our LGBTQ+ students. For more information contact us via email at:

    Curriculum Refresh and Educational Development

    A whole-institution curriculum refresh was undertaken by NTU which involved course teams reviewing and where necessary revising their education provision including content, pedagogies, feedback and assessment practices to ensure that their provision would promote success for all students in readiness for our 2018/19 cohort. A team of Educational Developers continue to work within academic schools to support embedding of this work.

    An overview of some course-level and school-level initiatives which have come out of this work can be found here. Full case studies will be available in due course.

  • Why

    Like other institutions across the Higher Education sector, we have experienced the challenge of unexplained progression, attainment and outcomes gaps between groups of students. We have prioritised the closing of these gaps to ensure all our students can fulfil their potential.

  • Impact

    NTU continues to achieve success in understanding and addressing attainment gaps. At an institutional level, our progress and achievements in this area have been recognised with awards such as the Global Diversity and Equality Research Award for our Dashboard project and the Guardian University Award for Course and Curriculum Design for our SCALE-UP provision (hyperlink to new SCALE-UP section). An evaluation of SCALE-UP found that for BAME (black and minority ethnic) students’ specifically who had experienced SCALE-UP on their course, the modular attainment gap had reduced by 4.2 percentage points, the non-continuation rate had almost disappeared, and attendance had improved within the 90%-100% category by 13 percentage points.

  • Current Status

    We continue to work on evidence-based, context-specific solutions to understand and implement what works to support all students to succeed in their studies. We are currently investigating the academic experiences of different groups of our students including mature students, commuter students, students on placement and students from the LGBTQ+ community.

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