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Course design

CADQ supports course teams to design innovative and high quality courses that meet the needs of students.

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CADQ works with individuals and course teams to help design courses that are innovative, inclusive, enable students to achieve, and that align to national standards.

The department designs, adopts and evaluates approaches to teaching and learning and offers expert advice based on evidence. We are currently working with course teams to effect a widespread adoption of SCALE-UP.

We provide guidance to course teams on inclusive approaches to teaching and learning, and on assessment design.

In addition, we offer guidance on the design and incorporation of flexible and online learning, and co-create learning and teaching materials with course teams.

The department also provides course teams with support through the process of development and approval of a new or revised course. This includes how to access and use essential resources for aligning design such as national Subject Benchmark Statements, the national Framework for Higher Education Qualifications, and the NTU Curriculum Refresh Framework.

We are currently in the process of reviewing and revising the ways in which we design and develop courses at NTU. A key aim of the course lifecycle project is to increase the focus on innovation in course design. You can find out more about this project here.

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