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SCALE-UP Support

From a dedicated Microsoft Team, Communities of Practice and Induction sessions, find out how we can support you in the delivery of SCALE-UP at NTU.

A SCALE-UP student

SCALE-UP: Help & Guidance MS Team

The SCALE-UP: Help and Guidance MS Team offers staff the space to sign up to short sessions, workshops, build a sense of community and ask questions to other SCALE-UP practitioners across NTU. We hope to grow the SCALE-UP Community of Practice so that colleagues can share innovative practice and collaborate to implement and embed SCALE-UP across a variety of modules and programmes.


Active and Collaborative Learning Room

The NOW Learning Room for active collaborative learning (with SCALE-UP) houses various resources designed to support you to adopt these techniques into your teaching. You will find a range of resources including long and short guides, resources to be used when planning sessions, and documents that can be given to students.


Upcoming sessions

Below are the upcoming dates for SCALE-UP short sessions, workshops and inductions.

Short Sessions

Short sessions are half hour in length and can be booked through the SCALE-UP: Help & Guidance MS Team. Short sessions focus on specific areas for colleagues to engage with.

Additional Short Sessions will be added at a future date.


Workshops are an hour in length and cover various topics more in depth, for individuals who would like to gain more experience in SCALE-UP aspects. Workshops can be booked via the SCALE-UP: Help & Guidance MS Team.

We have no upcoming workshops planned.


Inductions are sessions that all colleagues who are interested in delivering the SCALE-UP pedagogy should undertake to gain a basic understanding of the approach, support on offer and how to adapt their modules accordingly. These sessions are two hours in length and should be booked via the Microsoft Form.

Session nameDateTime
SCALE-UP InductionThursday 7th January11:00 - 13:00
SCALE-UP InductionFriday 8th January14:00 - 16:00

Still need help?

SCALE-UP Enquiries
+44(0)115 848 4420