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Inclusive Curriculum

Our inclusive curriculum research uses an evidence-based approach to develop a model of an inclusive curriculum with the aim to be embedded across the institution.

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As part of NTU’s Success for All ambition, CADQ is researching the development of inclusive curriculums and the impact they have on student success in areas such as ethnicity, socio-economic background and age.

Inclusive curriculums are pedagogies which embed aspects that ensure all students can learn and engage regardless of background. This project takes an evidence-informed approach to see what increases success rather than theory.

To undertake this research, we have developed a course selection criterion which we will analyse and compare:

  1. High diversity and low student success gaps, and;
  2. High diversity and large student success gaps.

An analytical methods approach will be taken to analyse the components of these courses. This may include course handbooks, module handbooks and online learning spaces. This will support the development of an inclusive curriculum model to understand better which elements contribute to improving attainment for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Current status

Presently the approach is being piloted on one School in the first instance. Following the research results and extensive evaluation, we will potentially begin working with other Schools to embed the findings to improve student success across the institution.

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