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Participatory research into the academic experiences of LGBT+ student experiences

This research project looked to examine how the academic experiences of NTU’s LGBT+ students could be improved. With little research taken on the topic elsewhere the findings shine a light onto the area and how universities can better support LGBT+ students.

LGBT city

  • Aim

    The aim of this project was to learn more about LGBT+ student academic experiences. These students (members of the LGBT community) were recruited and trained to undertake participatory research with other LGBT+ identifying students.

  • What it was

    This project engaged 35 LGBT+ students from across the University, utilising creative research methodology to investigate their academic experience. Students came from all schools and campuses in the University. Co-creation associate students supported the design, delivery and analysis of the research.

  • Why

    NTU has a long-standing history of supporting inclusion and has engaged in several activities to support the increased recognition and support of the LGBT+ community such as diverse institutional strategies, celebrating LGBT+ History Month and having an active staff and allies’ scheme.

    Though, there is little research in existing literature into the specific academic experiences of LGBT+ students, which could be used to inform future developments in the sector and support the creation of inclusive learning strategies, which this research project set out to achieve.

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