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COVID-19 Academic Policy FAQs

We understand this is a difficult time with lots of adjustments to NTU’s academic governance processes in response to COVID-19. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, which will be updated regularly to reflect any changes. This page was last updated on 16th June 2020.

  • I have an exam board coming up, what do I need to do?

    Please read the revised Board of Examiners guidance.

  • Is there any guidance on online marking that we can provide to our teams?

    The guidance for online marking is on NOW.

  • How are we going to deal with missing grades when the assessment schedule has changed?

    Where an element of assessment, or sub-element of assessment, was set aside by the course team as part of the adjustment to assessment arrangements, the missing grade should be replaced by the average of the other elements, or, sub-elements as the case may be.

  • Where should queries relating to the No detriment policy be directed?

    Please refer enquiries to

  • Is there any guidance on using the tools to support scaling and moderation?

    Guidance on scaling is available on the website.

    Guidance for using the moderation & scaling templates and guidance for viewing more than one excel spreadsheet on one screen has been saved in the ‘Exam Boards Planning’ Teams site, in the private channel named ‘Distributing No Detriment materials’.  Please look in the Files section for your College and then the Moderation & Scaling folder. Access to this channel is restricted to School Administration Managers, Systems & Data Team leads and Head of School Operations; it is agreed that these staff will co-ordinate the onward distribution to localised teams and academic staff as appropriate.

  • What will happen if my External Examiner becomes unwell or is unable to work at this time?

    CADQ is coordinating action to ensure that there is a contingency should an external examiner become unwell, or be unable to act. The most exposed courses (those with a sole appointed external examiner), and an alternate have been identified by the Schools.  Approval for alternate external examiners will be actioned by CADQ/EEAP Chair on a case by case basis.

    CADQ can confirm that the existing solutions for providing external examiners with students’ work online will remain robust at scale.

  • What happens if a student(s) hasn’t completed the minimum weeks on placement due to COVID-19 restrictions?

    If a student has completed sufficient weeks to enable them to meet the learning outcomes for their intended placement award but not the required number of weeks, the course team should consider this on a case by case basis. Course teams are asked to be flexible where possible.

    If the student is felt not to have completed sufficient weeks to meet the learning outcomes (the learning outcomes have not been met) for their intended placement award, the course team should consider asking the student to complete an additional piece of assessment as per Quality Handbook Section 16, 21.1 b.

    Quality Handbook Section 16, para 21. Shortfall in weeks 21.1 Where a student has not completed the minimum number of weeks of placement activity to be awarded a sandwich placement, the board may enact one of the following options:

    a. require the student to make good the shortfall by undertaking supervised placement activity during vacations or other appropriate times within their initial period of registration;

    b. exceptionally, where (a) above cannot be satisfied due to illness or some other valid cause, require a student to complete satisfactorily an alternative form of assessment which simulates some of the characteristics of supervised placement activity within the student's initial period of registration; c. recommend a placement award if there is a sufficiently minor shortfall in the number of weeks and regs. 18.1b and 18.1c have been satisfied.

    Please also see the Codicil to the Placements Policy.

  • Can I contact my CADQ School or DAG Officer?

    Yes, definitely, please keep in touch. Officers will be contacting School Quality Managers and Course Leaders to discuss work in train. If your School or DAG Officer is unexpectedly unavailable, a member of the Quality Management Team in CADQ will contact you.

  • Are we expected to hold SASQC meetings?

    Yes, during this time please continue to manage and hold your SASQC meetings as required. Schools continue to be responsible for the management and organisation of their SASQC. Please liaise with any SASQC members external to the school to ensure they are able to attend (as appropriate). SASQC meetings can be held on MS Teams. SASQC meetings will need to be held to approve temporary changes to courses to support delivery and assessment for the remainder of 2019/2020.

    If your CADQ Officer is unable to attend please liaise with them (or a member of the Quality Management Team in CADQ) to consider and make alternative arrangements as required.

  • What is the advice from CADQ about forthcoming Periodic Course Reviews (PCRs). Can we move them online (e.g. MS Teams) or do we need to reschedule them?

    Course Teams should take advice from their School in the first instance. If you think you are able to run a PCR at this time and do this remotely, you should go ahead. Otherwise, PCRs should be rescheduled for the Autumn term.

  • I have a DAG for a course due to start in 2020/21. How will this be approved?

    If you have a DAG that already has dates for the scoping, consultative or scrutiny meeting, your School Quality Manager and/or course leader will be talking to the CADQ Officer allocated to the event. DAGs will take place (where practicable) using MS Teams. CADQ are working to ensure that the externality and student input is maintained.

  • What will happen if my School decides to postpone a DAG?

    Schools may take the decision to postpone a DAG until 2020/21. Your School Quality Manager should be aware of this – please ensure that the DAG Officer (or School CADQ Officer if the proposal has not completed the Business Evaluation process) is updated to allow them to cancel or postpone meetings as appropriate.

  • How will a scrutiny DAG be conducted?

    The event will take place on MS Teams. The Officer will ensure, before the scrutiny DAG, that all the panel is able to join the meeting. This includes the external and student panel members. CADQ is producing a set of guidance notices to support the smooth running of the scrutiny DAG on MS Teams. There will be additional support from CADQ during the meeting to allow the DAG Officer to fully engage in the meeting. We also intend to record the meeting (this will only be used in the preparation of the report and then deleted).

  • What is happening with the pilot design sprints?

    CADQ is looking at the pilot design sprints to ensure that courses for October 2020 can be approved. Please liaise with the co-ordinator for the Design Sprint in CADQ.

  • What will happen with my module evaluations?

    • Modules scheduled to participate in the MySay pilot – Schools have the opportunity to extend any remaining (currently open) MySay module surveys to the end of the day on Sunday 29 March. It is not possible to extend the surveys beyond this date as this would adversely impact upon the full rollout of the MySay system, which is still planned for May 2020.
    • Modules which have been surveyed on paper but the hard-copy responses have not yet been scanned – Schools should defer processing of survey responses until such time that administrative staff have routine (i.e. on-site) access to scanners. This means that circulation of survey results will be delayed as will feedback (on the results) to students so this needs to be communicated to module teaching teams and students respectively.
    • Modules scheduled to be surveyed in EvaSys on paper – Schools can decide whether to move these surveys online in EvaSys or to not survey these modules. CADQ will notify HR that this means that there may be some gaps in the data which feeds into the Academic Data Reports for 2019/20.

  • Are we are allowed to use some discretion on NECs during this time?

    Please see guidance on the operation of NECs.

    Queries regarding NECs should be directed to Angela Constable in Academic Registry.

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