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    Discover the Lab – a new space at Nottingham Castle programmed in collaboration with NTU. Explore work by our creators, makers, students and academics, tackling big ideas like rebellion, activism, protest and the true power of communities. Come on in!

    The Lab. Think. Play. Create.

    You'll find the Lab in Nottingham Castle's Creative Galleries. The work you'll discover there has been produced by the creators, makers, students and academics of Nottingham Trent University. It's a place to learn and play; somewhere for risk-taking and mischief-making.

    Inside the Lab, we'll perform and inform, experiment and explain, and tackle some big ideas – things like rebellion, activism, protest, and the true power of communities. It'll be inspiring, interactive, personal, and sometimes even provocative.

    A new and special space, the Lab brings together the rich stories of Nottingham Castle and the daring, creative minds of NTU.

    This is a living, breathing venue. Our exhibits and activities will come and go, but the goal is to give you something new and meaningful  with every visit – to make you think differently about our homes, heritage and future. This is a space for art, a space for action, and a space for everyone.

    What's On

    STRATA: Layered Histories, Imagined Futures, 2 September – 10 October 2021

    Hidden histories will come to life in the Lab's latest exhibition, based on the ongoing research in NTU's Centre for Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage. Discover the layers of history found in our built environment, as digital scans and geophysical surveys reveal how towns, cities and landscapes looked in the recent and distant past. From the Lace Market to Hawara Pyramid in Egypt, you'll travel back in time to learn the stories of people and communities across the world who lived decades, centuries and millennia ago.

    Visiting the Lab

    Entry to the Lab is included in Nottingham Castle's general admission ticket. Plan your visit and book tickets through the Nottingham Castle website.

    If you're an NTU student or staff member, you may be eligible for a 10% discount on your ticket. Find out more and how to book on the student newsroom or staff newsroom.

    Still need help?

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