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Politics and International Relations Events Week

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This year the Division of Politics and International Relations will be running Events week. This will give Politics and International Relations students the opportunity to explore their subject through a range of different activities.

  • From: Monday 10 November 2014, 12 am
  • To: Friday 14 November 2014, 12 am
  • Location: Chaucer building, Nottingham Trent University, City Campus, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LT
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This year the Division of Politics and International Relations will be running Events weeks. The purpose of an Events Week is to:

  • create opportunities for you as students to explore your subject through a range of different activities away from the standard weekly lecture, seminar and workshop format
  • provide you with information on a range of extra curricula activities that you may be interested in undertaking alongside your studies
  • enable students from all years or across the whole cohort to meet and mix together for discussions, debates, reviews or poster sessions.

Events Week is a great opportunity to engage intellectually. It can be an important 'line in the sand' for making a start on dissertations or renewed engagement with your subject area. First year students may want to enquire about the opportunities for Erasmus or international exchanges in year two, or even think about visiting a potential exchange destination. We are advertising Events Week as both a 'change of pace' and a 'space for intellectual engagement'. During this week your standard weekly lectures and seminars will NOT be taking place. Instead there will be a programme of activities for you to choose from.

There is an expectation that you will attend some of the events (we suggest a minimum of four). They have been put together to ensure a range of different experiences and to introduce you to some ideas which you might otherwise not be aware of.

Registers will be taken at all events and there may be some events that you need to sign up for in advance as places are limited. If you attend a minimum of four events / activities your name will be put into a prize draw which will take place at the end of the week. We will let you have more information nearer the time as to the nature of the prizes. Registers will be taken at any events which are NOT on the central programme but organised by your tutors and WILL count towards the draw.

If you have questions (or suggestions for future Event Week topics or activities) then please email the organiser.

Please visit the Programme tab to see what events and activities are planned for the week.


Monday 10 November

9.30 am - 12 pm: Newton Lecture Theatre 6, FILM - Goodbye Lenin: With Dr Joanna McKaySet after the end of the Cold War, this film tells the story of how a loving son tries to move mountains and create miracles to restore his mother to health - and keep her in the belief that Lenin really did win after all! OPEN TO ALL.

1 pm -2 pm: Chaucer Seminar Room 3704
Research Seminar: Dr Liam McCarthy
Dr Liam McCarthy will be presenting a paper on the use of drones as an instrument of contemporary foreign policy. OPEN TO ALL.

Tuesday 11 November

10 am - 12 pm: Hyson Green TourWith Dr Imad EL-Anis: This event is a walkabout around Hyson Green, an area in Nottingham close to the city centre, with Dr Imad El-Anis to look for signs of globalisation in a local setting.

(PLEASE NOTE: Numbers are capped at 16 for this event and it will be open to 1st year International Relations and Politics and International Relations students. There will be a reserve list open to other students. Please book with Imad via email).

1 pm - 3 pm: Boots Library 308
BCUR Panel: With Dr Rose Gann and Helen Puntha
This event is a panel consisting of Rose Gann, Helen Puntha and past students to discuss funded opportunities for undergraduates to present their research and participate at the BCUR undergraduate research conference. There will also be an opportunity to find out about how you can publish your research. OPEN TO ALL.

1 pm - 5 pm: Boots Library 328
Poster Competition: With Dr Marie Gibert
This event is a poster competition that will focus on clichés in relation to Africa. The posters will be exhibited in the Dean's Break Out area from 4 pm onwards. There will be a prize for the winner! OPEN TO ALL.

(PLEASE NOTE: Numbers are capped at 36. Please book your place with Marie via email).

Wednesday 12 November

10 am - 12 pm: The Nottingham Castle TourWith Karl Haselden: This event is a tour of Nottingham Castle with Karl Haselden.

(PLEASE NOTE: Numbers are capped at 20 for this event and it will be open to 1st year Politics students. There will be a reserve list open to other students. Please book with Karl via email).

1 pm - 4 pm: Newton Lecture Theatre 8
FILM - Four Lions: With Dr Chris Baker-Beall:
A black comedy about four terrorists, planning an atrocity on UK soil. A very clever but sensitive treatment of a difficult subject. OPEN TO ALL.

3 pm- 4 pm: Chaucer Seminar Room 1602
Volunteering Talk: With Caroline DayThis event is a talk with QandA session on the opportunities available to students to do volunteer work within the local community. OPEN TO ALL.

Thursday 13 November

11 am - 1 pm: Newton Seminar Room N34
Employability Talk: With Helen Reed
This event is a talk designed to alert you to the employment opportunities available to you during and after the completion of your degree. There will be a workshop on how to build your CV and how to make sure your job application stands out. OPEN TO ALL.

1 pm - 4 pm: Bonington Lecture Theatre 143
FILM – Bandit Queen: With Dr Jon Gorry
Bandit Queen, based on the true story of legendary female warrior Phoolan Devi, is a confrontational epic that paints a far different picture of India from other art-house productions. OPEN TO ALL

Friday 14 November

10 am - 1 pm: Newton Lecture Theatre 8
FILM – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning: With Dr Oliver Harrison
This film tells the story of Arthur Seaton: a twenty-something year old factory worker, who lives his life for the womanising and drinking that constitutes his weekends. It is based on the novel by the legendary Nottingham author Allan Sillitoe, who died in 2010. OPEN TO ALL.

2 pm - 3 pm: Forest Fields Recreation Ground
5-A-Side Football: With the Politics and International Relations Staff
This event is an opportunity to play your lectures at football and to secure bragging rights for the remainder of the year. Meet outside the Student Union at 1.30pm. (In order to keep track of numbers please book your place on the student team with Christopher Baker-Beall via email). OPEN TO ALL.

4 pm - 7 pm: The Student Union
Social Event: With the Politics and International Relations Staff
This event is an opportunity to socialise with your lecturers in a more informal setting. We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. OPEN TO ALL.

Location details


Chaucer building


Nottingham Trent University
City Campus
Goldsmith Street

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