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Bonington Film Night #6: Terraformers Special

In association with Mould Map 6 — Terraformers

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A special evening of screenings by four artists featured in the Mould Map 6 — Terraformers exhibition and in previous Mould Map editions.

Filmmakers include Joey Holder, Stathis Tsemberlidis, MSL, and Jaakko Pallasvuo.

  • From: Thursday 20 October 2016, 7 pm
  • To: Thursday 20 October 2016, 8.30 pm
  • Location: Bonington building, Nottingham Trent University, City Campus, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LS
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A special evening of screenings by four artists featured in the Mould Map 6 — Terraformers exhibition and previous Mould Map editions.

Joey Holder:Ophiux, 2016 (25 minutes)
Ophiux gives a glimpse into a near future that, while fictional, is not far from reality and is founded on current scientific research. The work imagines a future in which synthetic biology has been fully realised and applied, both advancing human evolution and increasing life expectancy, and where human biology has been programmed by computer. It not only simulates the collection of data from our own bodies, but also the sampling of data from other organisms by a speculative pharmaceutical company: Ophiux.

To conceive the film, Holder has worked in close collaboration with scientists that she met during her residency at Wysing in 2015 – Dr Marco Galardini, a computational biologist at the European Bioinformatics Institute at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Cambridge; and Dr Katrin Linse, Senior Biodiversity Biologist at the British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge.

Ophiux has been co-commissioned by Deptford X, where it is set to premiere at their festival in September 2016. It is also being shown as part of a larger project at Wysing Arts Centre from 24 September to 20 November 2016. A tour to other arts and science venues across the UK will be announced at a later date.

The exhibition and film has been made possible with a generous grant from the Arts Council England and in partnership with AND/OR Gallery.

Stathis Tsemberlidis:
Eschaton, 2016 (30 minutes)
Eschaton is the name of the spaceship that is taking human consciousness to the far reaches of a dying universe. Knowledge and memory are expressed as information from the future. The purpose of this voyage is to deconstruct the fear of infinity. Eschaton’s mission is to survive within death.

Eschaton is the latest film by Copenhagen-based Greek artist and publisher Stathis Tsemberlidis, of cult small press Decadence, and is soundtracked by music composed for the film on a modular synth by Panos Alexiadis.

MSL and Jaakko Pallasvuo:Bridge Over Troubled Water, 2016 (30 minutes)
It’s 1967, 2015, 2515, 10,000 AD. Simon and Garfunkel are travelling through time. Seeking an answer to their growing sadness and anxiety, brought on in part by the slowly overwhelming presence of climate change, they head to the coast, are incarcerated, visit the botanical garden in Turku, and watch Jake Gyllenhaal in Deep Impact in a darkened room. Above the treeline and into the Arctic Circle, our protagonists find themselves in Kilpisjärvi, at the most northwestern point of Finland where they are – perhaps more than usual – alone together.

Seeking an alternative pastoral narrative, the duo take pause in 1969. Here is the Simon and Garfunkel we know and love, playing guitar and watching the drift in matching cream rollnecks. They are together, free from the kibble of the present day (Dr Oetker, Club Mate, sadness). Is this a scene that we will one day return to again? If they travel forward far enough, will they find our current state of rabid fossil fuel consumption was just a moment in time, and in fact 10,000 AD is much the same as 10,000 BC?

This post-human future is not apocalyptic, but something comforting: a love story about people, a romantic shipping of folk-rock's most powerful couple. Exhausted by constant travelling through time, the duo find moments of respite from their doomed quest to save the world from global warming but – as in their real-time mythology – cracks in the relationship begin to show.

Where Simon and Garfunkel recline together, two specks on the vast tundra, checking their phones in a silent camaraderie, technology is omnipresent, yet peripheral, and while the duo's unfriendly drone Neil flies as instructed for the time being, we are warned that he is developing a will of his own. No longer content to fulfil the desires of humans, Neil is forming his own ideas about how to live in this world. Cruel, maybe, but carefree, Neil cruises at altitudes beyond the physical and emotional baggage of humanity.

Are we all Neils, who look back nostalgically to our Garfunkel days, unable any more to see what they meant?

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This event is open to the public, staff and students, and is free to attend.
This event is in association with the exhibition Mould Map 6 — Terraformers.


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Image: Joey Holder, Ophiux

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This event is open to the public, staff and students, and is free to attend - no booking required.

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Bonington building


Nottingham Trent University
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Shakespeare Street

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