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VentureFest East Midlands

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Visit the Nottingham Trent University stand at VentureFest East Midlands and find out more about the innovative ideas that we have supported, and what expertise we can offer your SME.

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Whether it’s a business idea or a fully-fledged business, we at NTU are here to support you. This year we will have a stand at VentureFest East Midlands. We will be showcasing our technological innovations, from our 3D printer to our laser cut chess pieces. So, if you are considering growing your business, or have a business problem that innovation could solve, come and visit our stand and find out more about the support and expertise we can give you as an SME.

What is VentureFest?

VentureFest is an event that brings together SMEs in the East Midlands who are looking to grow their business. This year the theme is SMART innovation, with businesses showcasing their innovative technology, and expert industry speakers talking about their take on innovation and successes throughout the day.

Who will be at the NTU stand?

Our stand will have representatives from the Enabling Innovation programme, who are skilled in getting you involved with our experts in research and innovation. In particular, the Design Innovation hub will be showcasing their equipment, such as their 3D printer and 3D laser scanner, which they have used to support their research in understanding human intelligence and how it can be used in the design processes of products and environments. They will also be showcasing examples of what this equipment can do, with some laser-cut chess pieces for you to have a look at.

What support can NTU offer?

NTU is a huge supporter of innovation with award-winning research into advanced 3D X-ray scanning systems, helping to make our skies safer, and work into improving milk formula, which eventually led to lowering the risk of severe infections among new born babies. And there’s much more besides that!

We are also here to help your organisation step up to the next level of success. As a taster of some of the projects who can help your business, the Enabling Innovation programme has a number of innovation hubs to offer you expertise for your business. The Hive supports entrepreneurial new start-ups such as Digicom Solutions, who have now reached a turnover of over £1.2 million, and Prime Principle who was recently shortlisted as finalists in HSBC’s National Start-up Awards. Also, The Big House supports creative and digital SMEs to help you grow and realise your ideas. There is much more to our offer of Services for Business so come to our stand at Venturefest to find out more.


Please visit the VentureFest East Midlands website to find out more about the event. The Nottingham Trent University stand will be available to visit throughout the whole event

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To book onto the event, please visit the VentureFest East Midlands website

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Derby Arena


Royal Way
Pride Park
DE24 8JB

Past event

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