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NTU Psychology - Family Day

NTU Psychology family day
Open Day | Public lectures | Workshops

This family day is ideal for parents and for children between 4 and 11 years of age. We will have a host of activities for your children (and yourselves) to take part in.

  • From: Saturday 11 November 2017, 10 am
  • To: Saturday 11 November 2017, 2 pm
  • Location: Taylor Building, Nottingham Trent University, Shakespeare Street, Nottingham, NG1 5LP
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Event details

Fun Zone

We've got lots of fun activities for you to do, including:

  • Make yourself a brain hat
  • Who can get the best score on our Tower of Hanoi game?
  • Make a model of a neuron to take home
  • Free face painting from @Jayface
  • Discover the wonderful world of optical illusions

Growing Up Zone

We have a range of exciting activities and demos that are all about how children change as they grow older:

  • Have a go at the marshmallow test - can children resist eating the marshmallow for 5 minutes so that they are rewarded with another one?
  • See how our eye glasses and our Eyelink are used to ‘track’ where adults and children are looking
  • Have a go at our balloon test
  • See how family circles are generated and what they can tell you about children’s lives
  • See how we help children with autism by playing games

Thinking Zone

We have demos and games for you to try that help us discover how people think and learn:

  • How fast will your responses be in our sequence learning task?
  • How quickly can you name words when the word and it's colour don't match? Can you beat your children's time?!
  • Can you remember which blocks turned yellow in our Corsi blocks game?
  • Same or different? How good are you at spotting whether two face pictures are of the same person? And are you as good at recognising voices? Are children better than adults?

Brain and Body Zone

We will show you how technology helps us to understand both the brain and the body better:

  • Have a go at our MindFlex game – see if you can control the ball from the electrical signals your brain produces
  • Take a look at how our Emotiv Wireless EEG headset is able to detect electrical signals from the brain in order to examine how we process information. See how these signals can be used to control an object on a computer screen with our minds!
  • See what information you can get from your body movements
  • Have a look at a model of the brain
  • See how signals from your brain can help psychologists discover differences in the way people process information. Tiny electrical signals can show how fast the brain can process things like faces and words and how the speed of this processing can be affected under different conditions.

Senses Zone

Discover how psychologists investigate our senses:

  • See how our mind is tricked by visual illusions
  • How many bean bags can you get in our bin when wearing our upside-down glasses? Can you beat the children?!
  • Take part in our auditory demos, such as why do we need two ears and what does a cochlear implant sound like?
  • Identify different smells – what do different smells remind you of?

Study Zone

Have a go at a range of studies that are taking place on the day, such as:

  • Exploring the relationship between videogame playing & tablet use and visual attentional function in children
  • The impact of aversive audio stimuli and social leader boards in risk-taking among children
  • Using eye-tracking to investigate developmental differences in children’s associative learning ability
  • Explaining individual differences in children’s learning
  • Creating a children's voice database
  • Examining the neurophysiological underpinnings of age-related differences in reinforcement sensitivity and their link to aberrant behaviour

Booking information

You do not need to register for our Family Day, but if you would like to leave your contact details then we can let you know about our future events and studies!

Location details


Taylor Building


Nottingham Trent University
Shakespeare Street

Travel Info:

Directions from ‘The Forest’ Park and Ride (or any other tram stop north of the city)

Take the tram into the city centre and get off at the ‘Nottingham Trent University’ stop (2 stops from The Forest, about a 10 minute walk).
Continue walking up the hill (in the direction of the tram that you just got off) until you see Chaucer Street on the right hand side (opposite the Newton Building).
Walk up Chaucer Street for approximately 200 metres and the Taylor Building will be on your right hand side.

Directions from the city centre

​Follow the route of the ‘Phoenix Park’ or ‘Hucknall’ tram – this tram goes from the Market Square, up past Debenhams and past the Theatre Royal. Keep following the tram route until you see Chaucer Street on your left hand side (opposite the Newton Building). Walk up Chaucer Street for approximately 200 metres and the Taylor Building will be on your right hand side.

Which building to ask for directions to if you are lost​

Ask for directions to the Newton Building – Chaucer Street is opposite the main entrance to this building.
Should that fail, ask for directions to the Theatre Royal. Face the main entrance to the theatre (the main entrance has stone columns at the front and an array of wooden-framed glass doors). Look to your left for the tram line. Follow the tram line up the hill (going away from the city centre). After approximately 300 metres, Chaucer Street will be on your left (opposite the Newton Building). Walk up Chaucer Street for approximately 200 metres and the Taylor Building will be on your right hand side.

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