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Open dome - Flat Earth Rising

Space visitor at Observatory
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To be a disc or not to be. That is the conspiracy. Dr Ian Whittaker (NTU) will discuss the resurgence of the Flat Earth Theory in his talk Does the Flat Earth theory hold up to rigorous scientific analysis?

  • From: Thursday 24 May 2018, 8 pm
  • To: Thursday 24 May 2018, 10 pm
  • Location: CELS, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Clifton Lane, Nottingham,
  • Booking deadline: Wednesday 23 May 2018, 11.56 pm
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There is a wide range of conspiracy theories. The most popular one at the moment is based on the Flat Earth Theory and the resurgence of the modern Flat Earth Society. You could be forgiven for thinking that the globe (or disc) has gone mad. Or has it? Are we going to be revealing the truth?

In the talk Does the Flat Earth theory hold up to rigorous scientific analysis? Dr Ian Whittaker (NTU) will present a light hearted talk examining the claim the Earth is flat. He will illustrate where these ideas have come from, examine their model and compare it to current findings. Furthermore, he will look at historical experiments relying on the spherical nature of the planet and how its roundness affects everyday issues.

Booking is required for this event. While attending, you consent to filming, photography, and sound recording – which may include you as a member of the audience – and its use in publication or advertising distribution, either printed or online, without payment or copyright.


The event will start at 8 pm with I Whittaker (NTU) talking about Does the Flat Earth theory hold up to rigorous scientific analysis? Refreshments will be offered from 7.45 pm in the CELS foyer. Afterwards, visitors will get a tour of the NTU observatory and the chance to see interesting objects in the spring sky using the observatory's telescopes, small telescopes and binoculars, if the weather allows it.

If the weather is not good, a small planetarium session will be offered in the observatory pointing out objects of interest.

Location details




Nottingham Trent University
Clifton Campus
Clifton Lane


Parking is available only for booked visitors in the Main Gate car park.

Please ensure to enter the campus via Main Gate only!

Ensure to allow for sufficient time since you will need to contact security at the barrier to identify the event you wish to visit. Furthermore it is a 3 minute walk from the car park to CELS.

Travel Info:

Main gate entrance is located on the A453 closest towards the city, ie the first entrance when travelling from Nottingham towards Clifton.

Please avoid entering via South Gate as you will not be able to access the staff car park nor will security staff allow access via that barrier.

The exact location of the car park is in latitude and longitude 52.912958, -1.183357 or via GoogleMaps .

Past event

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