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TILT Festival of Learning 2018 - Scholarship, pedagogy and practice: innovating since 1843


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Our theme for the Festival of Learning 2018 was the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

  • From: Tuesday 26 June 2018, 9 am
  • To: Tuesday 26 June 2018, 5 pm
  • Location: Level 1 forum, Newton Building - City Campus,
  • Booking deadline: Friday 22 June 2018, 10.00 pm
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With the theme of ‘Scholarship, pedagogy and practice: innovating since 1843’, this year’s Festival took place on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at the City Campus. We are thrilled that Professor Sally Brown gave the keynote, addressing the question of why we might want to research our own teaching, and how to go about doing so. Her work on academic publishing and assessment is well known and she is currently working as an Independent Consultant and Emerita Professor (Leeds Beckett University). This was a rare opportunity for us to benefit from her expertise in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

In addition to giving our keynote address, we were delighted that Sally also ran a workshop exploring how to start getting published from your own learning and teaching practice.

The Festival was full of innovative and inspiring contributions from colleagues from NTU and elsewhere including sessions exploring:

* Student engagement and active learning in large lecture settings
* Connections between employability and pedagogy
* The opportunities for scholarly activity provided by emerging delivery methods

Over two hundred colleagues came along to engage in scholarly dialogue and discussion around teaching, learning and practice.


Click here to download the Festival Abstracts Booklet

Click here to download the TILT Festival of Learning 2018 Programme

In the forum we hosted:

  • Experience The Makers’ Club practical hands on activity
  • Sign up to TILT's Practice + Scholarship Groups including; Academic Integrity, Flexible and Online Learning, Inclusive Assessment, Design Thinking in Education
  • Engage with Professional Services including; Organisational Development drop ins for anyone interested in applying for Senior or Principal
  • Fellowship, Academic Practice Development, Student Colleges and Community Outreach, Green Academy,
  • 'The Difference Engine'- Resources to support creation of knowledge checks (e.g. Multiple choice questions)


Registration - Level 1 forum

09:00 – 09:20

Introduction & Welcome

Jane McNeil, Executive Dean of Learning and Teaching

Lecture Theatre 4

9:20 – 10:20

Why Engage in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Sally Brown, Keynote

10:25 – 11:25

Session 1 – LT1

Chair: Helen Puntha

Session 2 – LT3

Chair: David Ellicott

Session 3 - LT6

Chair: Sarah Ali

Session 4 – LT8

Chair: Lisa Clughen

Light bulb moments: from powpows and presentations to publications

Jonathan Doak

The Pavlovian tendencies of the student body

Chris Rolph

Assessing a triad of digital technologies

David Hindley

Formation through misinformation

‘Prof. Ubu Yurodivy – Institute of Experimental Hermeneutics’

How Degree Apprenticeships provide new opportunities for scholarly activity

Helen Holleman & Amanda Kerr

The challenges of using data to support individual students

Pete Crowson

Beyond 'death by powerpoint': Multimedia learning, student engagement and active learning in lectures

David Roberts

Public-speaking anxiety in students - the efficacy of an audience training intervention in a tutorial setting

Preethi Premkumar & Eva Zysk

11:25 – 11:45

Refreshment break & explore the market place
Level 1 forum

11:45 – 12:45

Session 5 – LT1

Chair: Tony Churchill

Session 6 – LT3

Chair: Annette Kappert

Session 7 – LT6

Chair: Craig Finney

Session 8 – LT8

Chair: Ben Williams

‘Academic Staff will never go for that!': Academic Blogging as an Inclusive Writing Genre in Higher Education

Lisa Clughen & David Hindley

Close Looking: The Art of Seeing Art – a methodology

Danica Maier and Andy Pepper

Literary Cultures modules: Employability and English at NTU

Annalise Grice & Jenni Ramone

Policy Briefing Papers: A Tool for Teaching and Learning Applied

Kate Ellis-Davies

Inclusive Assessment, Co-Production and Losing Control. What Are We Willing to Give Up?

Duncan Grewcock

Taking students on a learning journey: Visualising the lesson plan for students to follow

James Leinster

Investigating Experiences of Social Science Students with a Specific Learning Difficulty in Accessing Central and School Based Support

Lee Reynolds & Sian Trafford, Megan Smith

Curriculum refresh driven changes to delivery and assessment, and their opportunities for Scholarly outputs that derive from them

Michael Loughlin

12:45 – 13:30

Lunch - The Old Library

13:30 – 14:30

Session 9 – LT1

Chair: Mark Sergeant

Session 10 – LT3

Chair: Glenn Williams

Session 11 – LT6

Chair: Tony Cegielka

Session 12 – LT8

Chair: Zena Rashid

Addressing plagiarism in academic writing: punishment or pedagogy?

Martin Seviour

How can I reduce statistics anxiety in Yr1 Psychology Students?

Juliet Wakefield

Collaborating with impact: Increasing student attainment through higher order engagement

Matthew Watkins

Placing employability within broader discourse of career development

Graham Ferris & Ricky Gee

Summer Lodge: Flatting the Hierarchy

Danica Maier

How well are we supporting our International Students?

Sarah Della Rocca

Reflections on service learning

Sharon Hutchings

Shared journey with feeder college leading to curriculum development

Joanna Hartley & Carla Smedberg

Enriching Society by creating opportunity

Konstantinos Karagounis & Ana Souto

Experiences with Café classroom

Stuart Jolly

Boring bioethics plus standard segregation divided by delightful debates equals steady success

Shiva Sivasubramaniam

When information is free, how do universities add value?

Samuel Tanner

14:30 – 15:00

Session 13 – LT1

Chair: Ellie Kennedy

Starting at 14:30

Getting started with publishing about learning and teaching practice

Sally Brown

Refreshments will be available in the session

Break (inc. Kerry Truman - The role of craft in developing creative learners)

15:00 - 16:30

Session 14 – LT3

Chair: Julia Davies

Session 15 – LT6

Chair: Janette Thompson

Session 16 – LT8

Chair: Samuel Tanner

Defining our kind of excellence

Lydia Arnold & Emily Chapman-Waterhouse

Exploring approaches for BTEC students

Tony Cegielka, Joanna Hartley, Michael Loughlin & Andre Koziello

Exploring uses of Pebblepad

Barry Gregory, Andy King & Elaine Swift

Practical examples on how to embed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Learning and Teaching

Lina Erlandson, Angharad Mclaren

Annotations as feedback on student coursework- are they worth the time and effort?

Graham Thomas

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) - The future for Effective International Learning Opportunities?

Preethi Premkumar & Glenn Williams

Residential Fieldwork: Promoting Experiential Learning

Julia Davies, Louise Gentle & Nicholas Midgley

Examining student perceptions of academic irregularities and essay writing services

Mark Sergeant


175 Celebration

Level 1 Forum

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Newton Building - City Campus

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