TILT Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference 2018


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TILT and the NTU Global Lounge warmly invite you to submit proposals for the third TILT Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference.

  • From: Friday 21 September 2018, 9.30 am
  • To: Friday 21 September 2018, 4.30 pm

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TILT and the NTU Global Lounge warmly invite you to submit proposals for the third TILT Internationalisation of the Curriculum Conference.

There is now widespread consensus that international education is critical for helping to ensure that graduates have the skills, experiences and aptitudes to compete in a globalised workplace and to contribute as engaged citizens in diverse and internationally connected communities.  There is also mounting evidence pointing to the positive impact of international learning on graduate outcomes.  Despite this broad convergence of opinion around the necessity and benefit of internationalising the curriculum (IoC), however, there is a recognition that these do automatically flow forth through the addition of international content to courses or through the provision of study abroad opportunities.  Rather, it is clear that challenges remain in ensuring that opportunities are accessed and that students are able to link their IoC experiences to their subject learning and/or future career prospects.  Alongside the drive to internationalise student experiences in higher education, there has been a parallel push for academic staff to re-evaluate the teaching and learning relationship, to view students not as passive consumers but as active co-producers of knowledge.  Evidence suggests that students who contribute to the design and development of their learning, will be more engaged, self-confident and clearer on what their university education means to them as well as broader society.

The 2018 TILT-NTU Global Internationalising the Curriculum Conference invites papers, and Pecha Kucha+posters for this one-day conference that explore the interface of these aspects of teaching and learning in higher education.  Contributions might consider how ideas associated with the ‘students as co-producers’ agenda helps inform and develop IoC practice, particularly in terms of activating and engaging students.  How can students become producers of IoC materials, knowledges and practices? We also invite papers that consider practices that engage students in cross-boundary knowledge production. What are some of the challenges of activating and sustaining student-led learning in transnational education contexts or international online spaces, for example?  We particularly welcome papers that have themselves been co-produced with students, and which could potentially be co-presented with them.

Using the form below, please submit abstracts for either papers or Pechu Kucha+poster presentations by July 27th 2018 to IOCConference@ntu.ac.uk. We will notify you, if your submission has been accepted, by August 3rd 2018.

Abstracts should be no more than 200 words, clearly identifying the focus of the paper/Pecha Kucha+poster presentation and how it contributes to understanding the core themes of the conference.  Paper presentations should be no more than 30 minutes, including time for questions.  Pecha Kucha presentations will be limited to timed 5 min slots, which can provide introductions to accompanying posters, which will be exhibited for informal browsing during break times.  Further details will be sent on acceptance of abstract.

Those interested in registering to attend as a non-presenting participant can do so when registration opens in August 2018.

Click here to download the IOC 2018 Proposal Form.

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