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Open Dome Special - Writing Skyscapes

Image taken by Hubble Space Telescope

Everyday we engage with the sky, either knowingly or inadvertently. A new exhibition Writing Skyscapes captures our contemporary sky engagement both in images as well as in writing. Visit and be inspired.

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With evermore accessible photography technology the sky has become an inspiration for many. The imagery captured triggers different responses and emotions that allows us to explore our engagement with the sky. Our current exhibition Writing Skyscapes achieves just that.

Writing Skyscapes is the culmination of a two-day public writing workshop led by researchers specializing in astronomy and literature from Nottingham Trent University. Working in partnership with Creswell Crags Museum and Heritage Centre and Backlit Gallery, Nottingham, and with guest writers and artists, Holly Corfield Carr, Richard Hamblyn and Helen McGhie, participants explored new ways of engaging with the sky from multiple viewpoints and from both rural and urban perspectives.

Images are drawn from skyscape inspired artists, photographers and researchers from Nottingham and beyond, including K E Young, M Beard, P Woolley and D Brown as well as the Hubble Heritage Project (NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) ).

No booking is required to visit this exhibition at either venue. Ensure to check opening times for either venues before visiting. We also offer guided walk through the Backlit exhibition on Saturdays 3pm.


The exhibition is launched on Wednesday 3rd April with an opening event at Backlit Gallery which starts at 6 pm.

We also have guided walks through the astro images by our astrophysics students every Saturday 3 pm.

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Alfred House
Ashley Street

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Backlit Gallery is in latitude and longitude 52.955619 and -1.1370581 or via GoogleMaps.

Creswell Crags Museum & Heritage is in latitude and longitude 53.2634906 and -1.1957179 or via GoogleMaps.

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