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TILT Festival of Learning 2019


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We were delighted to welcome over 300 people to the 2019 TILT Festival of Learning.

  • From: Tuesday 25 June 2019, 9 am
  • To: Tuesday 25 June 2019, 5 pm
  • Registration: 8.30am
  • Location: Teaching & Learning Building, Clifton Campus,
  • Booking deadline: Friday 21 June 2019, 11.59 pm
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TILT Festival of Learning 2019

Lifelong learning: pedagogies for the future

TILT was delighted to welcome Professor Norman Jackson as the keynote for this year’s TILT Festival of Learning.

Professor Jackson is the founder of Lifewide Education, a community-based, educational enterprise whose purpose is to champion and support a lifewide and ecological approach to learning, personal development and education. He also established Creative Academic which champions creativity in all its manifestations in higher education.

This was a rare opportunity for us to benefit from Professor Jackson’s expertise.  He addressed the wicked challenge of how we can prepare learners for a lifetime of learning, considering two key questions:

  • how do we prepare people for the enormous challenge of learning through the change, uncertainty and disruption they will inevitably encounter, and,
  • how do we support people throughout their long learning lives as new needs and ambitions arise?

The Festival was also full of innovative and inspiring contributions from colleagues and students from NTU and beyond:

  • Sessions and posters discussed themes such as skills for changing careers, student diversity, and learning through practice.
  • A Technicians’ Showcase offered delegates the opportunity to explore the work of NTU technicians.
  • Two sessions on SCALE-UPexplored this active, collaborative pedagogy and its relevance for Lifewide Learning.


Click here to view the programme.

Click here to view the Abstracts Booklet.

8:30 – 9:00



9:00 – 9:20

Introduction & Welcome
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Edward Peck


Session 1


Session 2


Session 3


Session 4


9:30 – 10:15

Embedding NTU Alumni across the curriculum

Georgia Stone, Arabella Flint, Carolyn Owen, Arts & Hums students, Alumni Fellows

A journey of student-employer engagement throughout an undergraduate degree

Jo Hartley

Reaching out: Innovative pedagogies for a diverse student group

Christopher Towers, Tina Burnett, Helen Puntha, Ricky Gee, Phil Wane

Using assessment matrices to evaluate course quality and inform materials design to meet the needs of all learners

Sam Barclay, Gianluca Fantoni

Engaging A Level students in University research culture

Palwinder Athwal-Kooner

10:15 – 10:30

Refreshment break


Session 5


Session 6


Session 7


Session 8


Session 9


10:30 – 11:15

Development of project management skills in students in preparation for graduate work:  a case study

Cassie White, John Clarkson

Learning Through Practice: What? So What? Now What?

Joy Davies, Jane Ching

Creativity from Constraint

Chris Rolph, Charlie Davis, David Ellicott

Developing the digital: Helping students understand their digital capabilities

Marcus Elliott, Gemma Stafford-Keal

What is SCALE-UP (and what does it mean for Lifewide Learning)?

Ellie Howitt

Practice without Guinea-Pigs – the Project Office as learning environment

Chris Heuvel

From stumbling blocks to building blocks: scaffolding learning through play!

Sarah Johnson, Rachel Campbell, Matthew Davidson

11:15 – 12:00

Session 10

Nicholas Morton - Communicating assessment skills via YouTube videos (Pavilion 025/026)

Poster Session - Pavilion open area

12:00 – 13:00

Pavilion open area

13:00 – 14:00

Keynote Session


Introduced by Professor Eunice Simmons, Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic & Student Affairs

Professor Norman Jackson
"The Wicked Challenge of Preparing Learners for a Lifetime of Learning"


Session 11


Session 12


Session 13


Session 14


Session 15


14:00 – 14:45

Lifelong & Lifewide Learning and Employability - theory to practice and defining what really matters

Doug Cole

Practise what we preach: fostering our own lifelong learning

Jane Ching, Joanne Baggaley, Graham Ferris, Mark Chadwick

A blessing in disguise? Experiential learning and non-vocational courses: the case of politics and international relations

Janka Lloyd, Darrell West (Octopus Intelligence)

The Development of the Health and Social Care Teaching and Lecturing Internship: Learning through Practice

Louise Griffiths, Jenny Sanders, Dolores Ellige, Richard Machin, Amy Allen, Louise Hunt

Consolidating SCALE-UP for Lifewide Learning

Please note: Session 15 and 20 are the same session repeated

Ellie Howitt

Doing is Believing’: Changing the boundaries of student career identity through reflection on performance and possibility

Angela Vesey, Anne Owen

Developing graduate ‘durable’ skills using game-based teaching and learning approaches

James Leinster, Mike Coffey

Collaborative Curriculum Co-Design: Developing Disruptive Cross-School Opportunities to Learn from Risk-Taking and Failure

Kerry Gough, Ben Rostance, Ellis Freeman

14:45 – 15:00



Session 16


Session 17


Session 18


Session 19


Session 20


15:00 – 15:45

NTU Forever:  'Future You' Employability support for Graduates and Alumni

Suzanne Kulk, Becci Hubbard

A banana costume, Jenga, modelling clay, traditional Argentine music and beer pong: a seminar reimagined

David Hindley

Developing “self-efficacy” through Professional Practice awards: an overview of the changes in approach for the School of ARES

Cassie White, Carla Lees Limb

Academic Integrity: Fostering a positive approach to lifelong learning

Mark Sergeant, Walter Nowlan, Joanne Marsden, Martin Seviour

Consolidating SCALE-UP for Lifewide Learning

Please note: Session 15 and 20 are the same session repeated

Helen Puntha

“On your marks. Get set. Write!”: introducing undergraduate students to writing retreat pedagogies

Verity Aiken

Developing Pedagogies for Creativity

Jacqueline Shorrocks

Work-related learning at NTU: A working typology for moving forward

Vanessa Dodd


Session 21


Session 22


Session 23


Session 24


Session 25


15:45 – 16:30

Degree Apprenticeships: A case study of working in partnership with local employers to address skills gaps

Barry Gregory, David Walker, Stuart Earl (Gleeds Corporate Services Limited)

Community Engaged Learning’ pedagogies at NTU

Andy Coppins, Andrea Lyons-Lewis

Considering playful and intuitive pedagogies that incite motivation

Jane Bartholomew

Service learning: reflections via the lens of career and lifewide learning

Sharon Hutchings, Ricky Gee

Lifewide Learning: the student perspective

Afua Acheampong

Utilising participatory research approaches as part of a pedagogy of discomfort aimed at building an inclusive community of inquiry.

Charlie Davis, Jazzmyn Lyons, Lisan Hemstock, Luke Parmenter

Piloting Team Based Learning: There is an ‘I’ in Team Based Learning

Sarah Broadberry, Tim Suffield, Andre Koziello, Julia Davies

Communication Breakdown? Economics in the classroom and the workplace

Craig Bickerton, Dean Garratt (Aston University)



Location details


Teaching & Learning Building, Clifton Campus


Past event

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