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The Crusades: Borders, Margins, Interfaces

The Fourth Annual Symposium of the Northern Network for the Study of the Crusades

NNSC Conference
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A one-day symposium to explore crusading and related activities from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries with a special emphasis on the theory and practice of Borders, Margins, and Interfaces.

  • From: Friday 28 February 2020, 9.15 am
  • To: Friday 28 February 2020, 5.30 pm
  • Location: Rooms 004, 005, Dryden building, Dryden Street, NG1 4FZ
  • Booking deadline: Thursday 27 February 2020, 12.00 pm
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Past event

Event details

The Northern Network for the Study of the Crusades was established in 2015 and links together scholars working on all aspects of the Crusades in the Midlands and the North of England. The steering group comprises academics from Nottingham Trent University, Manchester Metropolitan University, the University of Leeds, the University of Huddersfield, the University of Liverpool and the University of Lancaster.  Since 2015 we have hosted an annual symposium which attracts a wide variety of postgraduate, early career and experienced academic scholars from across the UK and Europe to discuss new research into histories impacted by the crusades. 2020 marks the fourth such meeting, supported by the Centre for the Study of Religion and Conflict at NTU, and is designed to advance our academic understanding of the complex history of crusading.

This one-day symposium will explore crusading and related activities from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries from a range of perspectives and source material. The crusades are a diverse historical phenomenon with wide-ranging impacts on a variety of spaces and have often been defined as enforcing rigid physical and cultural boundaries between peoples. For this symposium a special emphasis has been placed on how they defined, delineated or challenged border or marginal spaces (both real and imagined) and the encounters which occurred within them, as well as how shared space was managed and regulated. Scholars at the symposium will explore Borders, Margins, and Interfaces in both theory and practise. Their papers examine diverse areas across the UK, Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, considering men and women in Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities.

The format offers a combination of paper presentations and a round table from established and early career scholars, as well as postgraduates. It is a scholarly event open to all those interested in medieval history, so members of the public, and undergraduate as well as postgraduate students are welcome. Attendance is free of charge, but you must register in advance in order to attend.


9.15 am Registration
9.45 am Welcome: Natasha Hodgson (NTU)
10 am

Session 1

Chair: Natasha Hodgson (NTU)

  • Andrew Buck (University College Dublin) ‘Writing History on the Margins: William of Tyre and the Literary Construction of Outremer’
  • Philip Booth (MMU) ‘Bathing in the boundaries of the Holy Land: shared sacred space and Christian convergences at the Jordan?’
  • Chloe Riggs (NTU) ‘Fear of the Stranger: native and outsider identities in the rule of Levantine women.’
11.30 am Coffee break
11.45 am                        

Session 2

Chair: Jan Vanderburie (University of Leicester)

  • Iain Dyson (University of Leeds) ‘The Relationship Between the Massacres of the Jewish Communities in 1189 and 1190 and Preaching of the Third Crusade in England’
  • Kathryn Hurlock (MMU), ‘Border Force? Recruiting for the Third Crusade from the Anglo-Welsh Frontier’
12.45 pm Lunch
1.45 pm

Session 3

Chair: Katherine Lewis (University of Huddersfield)

  • Martin Hall (QMW) 'Seas and Sees: Pisa fights above its weight in the period of the Crusades'
  • Jamie Doherty (University of Leeds) ‘Rebellion and Exile: The Revolt and Punishment of Hugh of Jaffa in Latin Christian context’
  • Edward Caddy (QMW) ‘The Wrath of God and the Infamy of Man’: The Venetian Crusade of 1099-1100’
3.15 pm  Coffee break
3.30 pm

Session 4

Chair: Alan Murray (University of Leeds)

  • Robin Shields (RHUL) ‘An ‘Ottoman Fifth Column’? – Ottoman vassals and crusading in the Fifteenth Century Balkans’
  • Adam Simmons (NTU) ‘Seeing the Unseen: Tracing African Diversity in the Crusader States’
4.30 pm

Round table and NNSC open meeting

Chair: Natasha Hodgson (NTU)

  • Jason Roche (MMU)
  • Alan Murray (University of Leeds)
  • Katherine Lewis (University of Huddersfield)
  • Nicholas Morton (NTU)
5.30 pm Pre-dinner drinks at BrewDog Nottingham (TBC): 20-22 Broad St, Nottingham NG1 3AL (about 10 mins walk from NTU)
6.30 pm Dinner at Oscar & Rosie's (TBC): 8 Stoney St, Nottingham NG1 1LP (about 10 mins walk from station)

Location details


Rooms 004, 005
Dryden building
Dryden Street

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