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TILT - Carbon Literacy Training Session


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TILT and the Education for Sustainable Futures Practice and Scholarship Group invite you to join them for this two hour online session.

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Carbon Literacy Training: Tackling the Climate Crisis and Promoting Climate Solutions in Education

In these times when a good number of organizations have transitioned to working remotely and the world as we knew it has undergone instantaneous change, there is no better time to focus on changes that will make the world a better place for all. Currently, the climate crisis is one of the greatest challenges we face. It will affect all aspects of business and society, and exacerbate existing global challenges such as poverty and loss of biodiversity.

By gaining an understanding of the climate solutions with the highest impact and putting them into practice such as integrating them in our education we will make sure that with regards to the climate crisis we have taken the right steps to minimise it.

This free, interactive Carbon Literacy training course is designed to equip us with the expertise and solutions to reduce our own carbon footprint and that of our organisations. It is the first of four sessions which make up the certificate.

The aim of this project is to get academics, professional staff, students and others to become carbon-literate within a short timeframe, enabling all of us to become actively involved in embedding climate solutions in our own lives and work.


Climate Solution, Carbon Calculation, Individual Action, Collective Action

Learning Outcome/Topic



Overview of Carbon Literacy Training

Presentation and videos

40 minutes

Quiz by Project Drawdown: The most impactful climate solutions

Quiz and discussion

20 minutes

Understanding your own footprint

Exercise and discussion

35 minutes

Individual strategies to achieve positive futures

Work on assessment (form)

15 minutes

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This session will be delivered online

Past event

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