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Open Dome - Venus, could anything actually live there

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Venus is an inhospitable planet. But could life actually exist on the Earth’s (evil) twin? Can we believe all the results published lately on Phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus? Find out more in Dr Ian Whittaker's (NTU) talk Venus, could anything (let alone humans) actually live there?

This is an online streamed talk to booked visitors only.

  • From: Thursday 21 January 2021, 8 pm
  • To: Thursday 21 January 2021, 9 pm
  • Location: Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Clifton, Nottingham,
  • Booking deadline: Thursday 21 January 2021, 8.00 pm
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Are we alone in the Universe? Is or was there live on Mars? All very hot topics in astronomy and space exploration. But should we ignore Venus or is this the location of live?

Venus is an inhospitable planet. Once thought by Victorian age scientists to be a swampland, it has some of the highest temperatures and pressures in the solar system. The press release of Phosphine discovered in the atmosphere last year sparked interest in whether life could actually exist on the Earth’s (evil) twin. In this talk Venus, could anything (let alone humans) actually live there? by Dr Ian Whittaker (NTU) he will address some of the properties of Venus, the report on Phosphine and potential flaws in the process, and whether humans could ever actually go there!

Given the current COVID-19 situation, this event is not taking place as a public NTU event. However, Dr Ian Whittaker's (NTU) talk is streamed online to everyone who is booked onto this event. We will email a link to the material on YouTube to everyone who has booked. We will be happy to answer questions posted during the talk.

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Nottingham Trent University
Clifton Campus

Past event

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