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Photographs and the Science Notebook

School of Art & Design Research Lectures 2021

Toadstool Park Little Badlands, Nebraska 1896

The School of Art and Design is honoured to host Professor Kelley Wilder (DPhil. Oxford 2003) to lead the first School Research Lecture of 2021 as part of the Creative Innovation Across Disciplines guest speaker series.

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Scientific notebooks are a critical part of any observational or experimental practice. In photographic history, we have looked to notebooks by well-known experimenters like Talbot and Herschel, to understand how photography was developed, but very little time has been given to understanding how photography changed from being the object of the notes, to patterning the note-taking. This talk presents new working progress by considering several different examples of scientists using photography, and the notebooks, and photographs they produced.


Professor Kelley Wilder (DPhil. Oxford 2003) is Professor of Photographic History, Director of the Photographic History Research Centre, and Director of the Institute of Art and Design at De Montfort University, Leicester. She is the author of numerous books and articles on photography, archives and science, including Photography and Science (Reaktion 2009) and with Gregg Mitman, Documenting the World: Film, Photography and the Scientific Record(Chicago 2016) and most recently ‘Science, Art and the Business of Color’ in Bettina Gockel (ed) The Colors of Photography (De Gruyter, 2020).


12:30-13:15 Presentation

13:15-13:45 Discussion

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This lecture will take place via Microsoft Teams and will be hosted by Professor Peter Ford.

Attendance at this event is free and online registration is not required. For any queries, please contact Dr Iryna Kuksa.

Image credit: E.H. Barbour, Toadstool Park, Little Badlands, Nebraska 1896. Collection of University of Rochester, NY Special Collections.

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