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“Stories of digital success - look how far we've travelled”


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This event aims to highlight and share what we have learned this year in terms of the application of technologies for learning and teaching, and for supporting student experience. We will focus on what has worked well (tips and tricks) so as to guide our approach going forward.

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It's been a rollercoaster of a year. The rapid transition to blended and then online learning in response to the pandemic has tested us beyond limits. Those that had a reasonable degree of comfort associated with digital technologies and online learning were afforded the opportunity to shine, to stretch their capabilities and develop their skills. Those with more limited experience have achieved things they never thought might be possible in terms of their own digital skills and competences, and the way in which these are employed in our teaching and learning. We know this has been an incredibly testing time, but look what has come from it, look how far we've travelled.

The TILT Flexible and Online Learning Group wants to bring this academic year to close by celebrating a whole range of successes, both large and small, in digital and online learning. This event will be vibrant, dynamic and accessible! It will also include a variety of contribution formats that will not only benefit participants on the day, but will go on to create a legacy resource that dovetails with the exceptional work undertaken by the FLEX NTU team and the fantastic resource base that is ever evolving in response to our growing competency in this area.

Registering doesn't require attendance for the whole day - colleagues are welcome to join as many (or few) sessions as fit around other commitments.

Pre-recorded sessions and resources

Colleagues have created a selection of pre-recorded sessions and resources which have been categorised into the below themes.

Online module development through the use of continuous feedback

Use of video

Supporting students digitally

Enhancing engagement

Creating digital communities

Online skills development

Innovative digital assessment and feedback

Facilitating experience through digital means

Facilitating and supporting students learning process engagement and experience through digital means


You can view the abstracts booklet here.






Opening welcome - Rachel Bancroft and Dr. Faye Taylor, TILT FOLG Chairs



Keynote 1 – Andrew Doig (40 mins)

Look how far we have travelled; perspectives on digital
success from across the higher education sector

In this keynote, Andrew will provide a summary of key learning from across the higher education sector in response to covid and the migration to blended and online forms of education.

The keynote aims to draw out the valuable lessons that should shape higher education in a post pandemic world and consider the role that flexible, blended and online learning will take.



Concurrent Session 1

Facilitating experience through digital means 1

Session Chair: Rosemary Pearce


Tracy Powell (30)
Delivered a 'real world' experience of running a newsroom and producing news content.

Concurrent Session 2

Enhancing engagement

Session Chair: Caroline Chartres


Kerry Truman, Luke Sienna,
Devishi Kapoor (20)

Creating timely checkpoints and open discussion between students, academics and technical communities within MS Teams

Rachel Welton and
Angela Vickerstaff (20)

Virtual Experience of Living and Working Abroad Conference






Concurrent Session 3

Facilitating experience through digital means 2

Session Chair: Faye Taylor


Michael Loughlin (10)
Can't get to your lab? Assessing skills including group work is still possible and can lead to unexpected benefits.

Sarah Ward, Jenny Briggs (10)
How We Travelled to Bulgaria "Virtually" for a Week-Long Student Study Tour

Gail Mellors (10)
Replicating live broadcasting experience using emerging digital technologies

Andrea Lyons- Lewis (10)
‘Extreme E-Service Learning’ – success in online community engaged learning

Ken Liston (10)
Online Practical Delivery - The use of various technologies to augment student experience, through immersion

Concurrent Session 4

Tools and technologies for teaching

Session Chair: Carla Grimley


Rebecca Gamble, Liam Martin (10)
Curating online degree shows

Seth Kirby (10)
Facilitating digital assessment participation: A case study of Twitter application across sport management students

Eva Fernandez Martos (10)
Rhinoceros 3D online taught sessions

Heather Cameron-Whytock (20)
Methods for enhancing student engagement during online PowerPoint presentations


12.30 – 13.00

Keynote 2 – Sam Tanner (30 mins)

So what have we really learned and what's next for NTU in the flexible, blended and online space?

In this keynote, Sam will summarise the scale of the effort invested across the University in transitioning to online and blended learning in response to covid.

He will draw out key learnings and successes and provides direction on the future role that flexible, blended and online learning will take within NTU’s future.


13:00 – 13.45




Concurrent Session 5

Facilitating experience through digital means 3

Session Chair: Faye Taylor


Andrew Pierson (20)
Undergraduate Final Year Projects online from registration to Showcase and beyond.

Anthony Ogbuokiri (10)
Building a sense of community via interactive learning technology

Rosemary Pearce and David Jeckells (10)
Finding ways to be “present” in online learning and teaching: examples from the School of AAH

Elyse Wakelin (10)
Distance Learning Students. How MS teams has enhanced student engagement and built an online community in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Concurrent Session 6

Effective online orientation/matriculation

Session Chair: Rachel Bancroft


James Rowland (10)
Moving a 'Residential' online: Supporting BTEC Student Transition in a Covid-Age

Sarah Hadlow (10)
Welcome Workshops: Connections, Cameras and Course Communities

Chloe Bridges and Cheryl Rounsaville (10)
University Transition Week: creating meaningful encounters for progression students in a virtual space

Alex Hiller, Fiona Winfield, Mojtaba Pooreeezaei, Sharon-Marie Gillooley, Vangelis Tsiligkiris (20)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Onboarding for Postgraduate Business and Management Students




15.20 – 16.10

Concurrent Session 7

Supporting students digitally/ Online skills development

Session Chair: Faye Taylor


Lorraine Young (10)
Developing Enterprise Skills in an Online Environment: Challenges and Successes!

Naomi Braithwaite (10)
The Virtual Shoe Salon: An interactive and interdisciplinary approach towards the co-creation of knowledge

Sarah Khan & Walter Nowlan (10)
Online Student Induction to PEAP (Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes) Courses

Concurrent Session 8

Innovative digital assessment and feedback/ Multiple/undecided

Session Chair: Michael Loughlin


Emily Hall (30 mins)
The NOW assessment tool, once tamed, a brilliant tool for evidence-based assessment decision making.

Gabriele Paleari (10)
Advantages in marking and screen-casting with a stylus pen


Hosted by Laura Stinson


If you have been inspired to share some of your own practice during the day, come along and share one good thing (big or small) you've done this year.

This is an open session for all colleagues  to share their experiences of success in Flexible and Online Learning this year.


Final Panel

Opening: Sam Tanner and Victoria Fanning

Panel: Melanie Currie, Rachel Challen, Michael Loughlin, Peter Nicholson

This final panel will open with a word from Sam Tanner and Victoria Fanning on
the key pieces of advice that  colleagues need to bear in mind going forward
to plan for the next academic year.

A panel discussion will follow, which will raise questions originating from within all
academic schools for a response by panellists.

These questions will relate to what the plans are in the digital space for the immediate
and longer term future and clarify expectations upon colleagues.

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Past event

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