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Annual Conference on the intersection of Corporate Law and Technology

LLM International Financial Law

We are pleased to announce a forthcoming online conference on the Intersection of Corporate Law and Technology, which will be held on Thursday 17 and Friday 18 June 2021.

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Conference Organising Committee

Dr Alex Kastrinou and Dr Hakan Sahin, Centre for Business Law and Insolvency.

Event overview

Over the last couple of decades emerging technologies have been seamlessly embedded into our day to day lives, through social media and cloud-computing to crowdfunding. Similarly, new technologies have gained their place in the corporate world and as such, many businesses have already witnessed the challenges and implications arising from their use on their operations. The disruption brought by Covid-19 has served to accelerate many of these trends.

The conference aims to provide a global platform for experts in the field to present and discuss their research and also to foster a networking and knowledge exchange mechanism amongst academics, students, practitioners and businesses globally.

Papers will explore a wide range of key issues that arise out of the interaction of Corporate law with technology. During the first day of the conference, the focus will be upon a wide array of issues arising from the use of emerging technologies, considering ethical and political aspects, including competition and intellectual property law-related concerns. During the second day of the conference, the focus will shift to the regulation of cryptoassets as part of the quest to minimise the potentially disruptive effect of advanced technologies to business operations.  Finally, the conference will close by considering sustainable development initiatives and the role of technology in shaping more sustainable industries in the future.


Thursday 17 June 2021

11.20- 11.30: Welcome

11.30-12:45: Theme: The intersection of corporate law & the use of emerging technologies


  • Dr. Aysem Diker Vanberg, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich (UK): The Digital Markets Act: Regulating Big tech- Is it the way to go?
  • Mr. Gilberto Martins de Almeida & Mr. Pedro Rogério Borges de Carvalho, Legal Experts in AI (Brazil): Tech Giants, Corporate Purpose and the Public Good: Revisiting Affectio Societatis
  • Associate Prof. Janice Denoncourt, Centre for Business & Insolvency Law/Nottingham Law School, (UK): Ethical, safe and inclusive emerging technologies: Corporate Reporting and Accountability

12.45- 13.15: Break

13.15-14.30: Speakers:

  • Associate Prof, Emmanuel Goffi, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, Political Science, University of Manitoba (Canada): Emerging technologies and the advent of Cosm-ethics
  • Mr. Sébastien Lafrance, Prosecutor (Crown Counsel) Public Prosecution Service of Canada, legal expert in AI (Canada): Competition Law, Data and Privacy: A ‘Brave New World’
  • Prof. Yousef Haik, Nanotechnology and Law expert, A&M University, (US, Texas): Nanomedicine Transnational Clinical Trials Data Management on Blockchain

14:30-14:45: Break



  • Prof. Claudia Sandei, Associate Professor of Business and IP/IT Law, School of Law - University of Padova (ITALY) & Prof. Shi Chen, Assistant Professor IP Law, School of Law - SWUFE University (CHINA): The Artificial Inventor: Are AI Invention Patentable? A Comparative Analysis.
  • Prof. Umut Turksen and Joseph Jeiel, PhD candidate, Coventry University Law School (UK): Machine Learning and Big Data in Corporate Investment Migration

Friday 18 June 2021

11.20-11.30: Welcome back

11.30-12.45: Theme: Regulation of Cryptocurrencies and issues arising from the use of crypto-assets


  • Ms. Ayca Aktolga, BTC Turk/Cryptocurrency Exchange Co, Chief Legal Counsel (Turkey): “Global Impact and Legislative Regulations About Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency”
  • Dr. Serhat Eskiyoruk, legal expert in technology law, (Turkey): Critical Evaluation on the draft Regulation of Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA): Legal Certainty or Overregulation.
  • Akrum El Menshawy, PhD candidate, Nottingham Law School, (UK): Mapping existing risks and obstacles to legal redress within unpermissioned blockchain technology

12.45- 13.15: Break

13.15- 14.05:


  • Mr. Bedrettin Gurcan, Attorney at Law, Blockchain Expert/ PhD Candidate at the University of Szeged (Hungary): The Use of Blockchain Technology through Online Arbitration and Mediation
  • Prof. Shruti Bedi, University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University (India), Cryptocurrency Conundrums and Terrorism Financing: The Virtual World-War

14:05-14:30: Break

14:30- 15.45: Theme: The use of technology and sustainable development.


  • Prof. Rebecca Parry, Centre for Business & Insolvency Law/Nottingham Law School, (UK) : Building a legal framework to facilitate the transformative potential of digital economies
  • Dr Alexander Gurkov, Vice-Director of the International Business Law Master Programme and Post-Doctoral Researcher at University of Helsinki (Russia): The alignment of a smart contracts-based governance to a traditional cooperative identity.
  • Xiaocong Liu, PhD candidate,  Nottingham Law School, (UK): A Stakeholder Analysis of CSR Related Duties of High-Tech Companies

15:45- 16.00: Thanks and close

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