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Frontiers of Public Diplomacy: India's Public Diplomacy under the BJP with Alex Davis (University of Southern California) and Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University)

Frontiers of Public Diplomacy with Colin Alexander
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Between September and December 2021 Dr. Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University, UK) will host 9 public lectures discussing the fascinating subject of public diplomacy.

Academics, students, practitioners and other interested parties are all welcome.

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This research seminar looks at modern India’s public diplomacy and its emphasis on the Hindu civilisation rather than a conceptualisation of India per se. The seminar will examine the contribution made by public diplomacy to the political landscape in India and the use of yoga specifically by India’s BJP government in pursuit of their domestic and international goals. It will discuss the extent to which domestic power issues surrounding Hindu nationalism and Indian identity have come to the fore in its public diplomacy agenda. More broadly though, the role of yoga provides an ideal framework for the assessment of public diplomacy’s limitations as a force for good. To this end, Davis will argue that the Indian government’s use of yoga largely ignores many of the teachings of yoga philosophy that focus on the pursuit of higher conscience and the relinquishing of egotistical concerns.

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