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Frontiers of Public Diplomacy: Public Diplomacy and North Korea with Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University)

Frontiers of Public Diplomacy with Colin Alexander
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Between September and December 2021 Dr. Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University, UK) will host 9 public lectures discussing the fascinating subject of public diplomacy.

Academics, students, practitioners and other interested parties are all welcome.

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This research seminar discusses North Korea’s public diplomacy and the counter-narrative by other international actors seeking to frame the country as the world’s leading ‘rogue’ state, governed by psychopaths intent on destruction of hostile forces. Herein, Alexander will explore the methods through which public diplomacy narratives by hegemonic actors at times seek to disenfranchise counter-hegemonic actors in ways that can resemble political warfare. However, perhaps more interesting is North Korea’s tendency to adopt the ‘madness’ theme itself as part of its own international communications to meet the Kim dynasty’s own ends. The session will discuss the cult of personality that surrounds the Kim dynasty and the interesting dynamic that emerged between Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump. This is the final seminar in The Frontiers of Public Diplomacy research seminar series.

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