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Frontiers of Public Diplomacy: Public Diplomacy in the Arctic Circle with Alexander Sergunin (St. Petersburg State University) and Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University)

Frontiers of Public Diplomacy with Colin Alexander
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Between September and December 2021 Dr. Colin Alexander (Nottingham Trent University, UK) will host 9 public lectures discussing the fascinating subject of public diplomacy.

Academics, students, practitioners and other interested parties are all welcome.

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This research seminar looks at the role of public diplomacy in one of the most climatically extreme parts of the world and is therefore the most literal of interpretations of the ‘frontier’ theme of this series. In this session, Sergunin will explore the key power dynamics involving modern Russia and its near European neighbours. Herein, he will discuss the largely positive contemporary experiences of Russia’s north-west with other Arctic territories and the awkwardness that this creates with respect to Moscow’s central foreign policy towards the European Union. The seminar will also discuss the role of the exploitation of the Arctic region for its natural resources and the role played by public diplomacy within that equation.

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