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Open Dome IN PERSON - A Shared Sky

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Join us this month for Dr D Brown's talk A Shared Sky - Constellations Across Cultures where we will explore constellations possibly shared amongst cultures and how western astronomy colonised the sky.

  • From: Thursday 27 October 2022, 8 pm
  • To: Thursday 27 October 2022, 10 pm
  • Location: LT4, Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, Clifton, Nottingham,
  • Booking deadline: Thursday 27 October 2022, 8.00 pm
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Watching the night sky is inspiring. Even more so when you realise that the stars and patterns you see above you are the same that other cultures see in the world now and in the past. But do we all see the same constellation? What are constellations anyway?

This month Dr D Brown (NTU) will give us an introduction into the fascinating world that is sky culture in his talk A Shared Sky - Constellations Across Cultures. He will present an overview of the interesting background on some of our western constellations and how they reflect our culture, changed views, and illustrate how western astronomy colonised the sky. This will then lead onto how psychological research has shown that humans across the world do see similar patterns and that there might be some commonalities or themes all cultures share.

Booking is required for this event while attending in person. While attending, you consent to filming, photography, and sound recording – which may include you as a member of the audience – and its use in publication or advertising distribution, either printed or online, without payment or copyright.

This event is taking place as a hybrid event on NTU campus. This will allow a flexible way of attending. You are currently booking to attend in person (including observatory and planetarium tour with possible observations) and will need to purchase a £5 ticket for the event. If you are underage or an NTU student there is no charge.

You can also attend the virtual talk for free but would need to book the Open Dome VIRTUAL event to receive the link details.


The event will start at 8pm with D Brown and his talk A Shared Sky - Constellations Across Cultures.

Refreshments will be offered from 7.45 pm in LT4 within the Teaching and Learning Building. After the talk, visitors will be able to enter the NTU planetarium, get a tour of the NTU observatory and the chance to see interesting objects in the Autumn sky using the observatory's telescopes, small telescopes and binoculars, if the weather allows it.

If the weather is not good, the planetarium session will be pointing out objects of interest as well.

Location details


Nottingham Trent University
Clifton Campus


Parking is available only for booked visitors in the Main Gate car park.

Please ensure to enter the campus via Main Gate only!

Ensure to allow for sufficient time since you will need to contact security at the barrier to identify the event you wish to visit. Furthermore it is a 3 minute walk from the car park to Teaching and Learning Building.

Travel Info:

Main gate entrance is located on the A453 closest towards the city, ie the first entrance when travelling from Nottingham towards Clifton.

Please avoid entering via South Gate as you will not be able to access the staff car park nor will security staff allow access via that barrier.

The exact location of the car park is in latitude and longitude 52.912958, -1.183357 or via GoogleMaps .

Past event

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