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Is it safe to come out yet? Experiences of conversion among those who convert to Islam

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In this presentation, Dr Glenn Williams(Principal Lecturer, School of Social Sciences) will share insights from a range of studies into those who convert to different faiths, and he will focus more specifically on those who convert to Islam.

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Religious conversion is a poorly understood phenomenon - converts are often pathologised and marginalised for undertaking such a step or it is seen as a phase and not something to be treated with seriousness. By contrast, some faith groups may put converts on a pedestal and praise such individuals for their courage. Either way, experiences of some converts are epitomised by feelings of being marginalised and not feeling part of the faith group they are meant to have joined.   Why do some people turn to a different religious faith or spiritual tradition, and how best can these people be supported?  These questions are especially important as some converts may become disillusioned and break away

During this session, Dr Williams will introduce you to the reasons given for converting, the challenges faced, and their ways of coping with these challenges.  Amidst the socio-political backdrop that may be seen as toxic towards Muslims, Dr Williams will also prompt participants to consider why people convert to Islam in spite of such a backdrop, and to enquire as to how they maintain their identity and practices as a convert. Participants will be encouraged to examine ways of supporting those who are new to a faith system and in helping the convert to feel settled and part of a community.  The session is aimed at getting participants to enquire about the ways in which people's spiritual and religious beliefs and practices could evolve over time and how the evolving identity of the convert can be shaped and re-shaped to meet their spiritual and psycho-social needs.

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Please use this link to join the session from 2.45 pm on Wednesday 23 November 2022.

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