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'Innovative solutions for multisensory perception - textiles and objects in everyday life'

Riitta Lahtinen and Russ Palmer talk

Riitta Lahtinen and Russ Palmer talk
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Dr Riitta Lahtinen, Senior Researcher and Leader of the Social-Haptic Communication research group, at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Russ Palmer, International Music Therapist and Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner.

Hosted by Fashion and Textile Research Centre, Kath Townsend and Amanda Briggs-Goode.

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During this lecture we will focus some practical innovative solutions how multisensory perception can be considered in everyday life through communicative textiles and smart clothes. We will analyse how haptic exploration (touch and movements) will assist to understand the world around us through 3D and home-made references and materials. Dual-sensory impaired people may need a combination of textile and technology to gain a wider dimensional experience. The technology needs to incorporate vibrational qualities. With the additional items of equipment a person with visual and hearing impairment is able to understand how we can perceive vibrations around our environment using different techniques.


Biography Riitta Lahtinen, PhD: Riitta is a communication researcher. Her PhD theses “Haptices and haptemes” was published at the Helsinki University in 2008. She was given the innovative award prize for her work in the same year. She has 40 years experience working as a qualified Teacher, Sign Language Interpreter, Mobility & Low Vision Teacher, Audio Describer and writer. She is involved in running international courses on communication methods for blind, dual sensory impairment, families, interpreters and professionals in Europe and planning University academic courses, publications and books. Currently she is doing her postdoctoral research on haptices. Her haptices philosophy has been included into smart clothes design EU-SUITCEYS project and she was advisor for the EU-SUITCEYES smart clothes project 2018-21.

Biography Russ Palmer: Russ is an International Music Therapist, songwriter, musician and writer. He was involved in the development of a portable music floor the Tac-Tile Sounds SystemTM with University of Sheffield. He has released a CD Warm Summer Days, a DVD Pulse, a joint collaboration project with the Finnish Deaf Association and a DVD Musical perception of a CI user. Through musical expression and therapy, he applies a concept and understanding of how people who are losing their hearing and sight can develop other senses in their bodies and how to interpret rhythm and vibrations. This is defined as a vibrosensoric experience. He gives international presentations as a hearing and visually impaired music therapist with two cochlear implants. Currently he is researching musical haptices and acoustic environment using cochlear implants. He was advisor for the EU-SUITCEYES smart clothes project 2018-21.

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