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Historicising Africa's contributions to Diplomacy theory and practice

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This event is part of the Department of Social and Political Sciences’ research seminar series and hosted by Dr Lesley Masters (NTU) and Dr Eghosa Ekhator (University of Derby)

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In the study of Diplomacy, developments in theory and practice draw predominantly from contributions by European thinkers and practitioners.

Through qualitative historical and archival analysis, the article assesses the diplomatic approach of pre-colonial African kingdoms, empires and their diplomatic interactions with neighbouring kingdoms and foreign empires. The research points to the significance of Africa in the development of statecraft and diplomacy, which saw the emergence of African customary international law/diplomatic practices in precolonial Africa. During the colonial period Africa's international relations were primarily governed by external powers. However, not all diplomatic agency was lost from the continent. Africa's international diplomatic engagement continued, with representatives from liberation movements pursing freedom and self-determination on the international stage.

This international engagement presented an approach to diplomacy that functioned outside of traditional state-centric practice; significance today where diplomacy in increasingly conducted alongside or outside formal state practice.

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