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ARES Research Seminars: Dr Julien Fattebert

The spatial ecology of a recovering leopard population: implications for conservation

Dr Julien Fattebert

In this ARES Research Seminar, Dr Julien Fattebert (University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) discusses the spatial ecology of a recovering leopard population and the implications for conservation.

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In this talk, I present an overview of the results of a decade-long leopard research project in northern Zululand, South Africa. Despite being centered on a protected area, this leopard population was in decline due to legal off-take and illegal persecution of individuals roaming beyond the reserve's boundaries.

After conservation interventions were implemented by the provincial authorities, the population recovered rapidly and population density increased. This had cascading effects on the spacing dynamics of territorial adults, and on the dispersal patterns of subadults.

We used 10 years of telemetry data to demonstrate these dynamics, and model landscape corridors for the species in the region.

I discuss the conservation implications of the results and touch on other leopard studies elsewhere.

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This event is internal only for NTU staff and ARES Postgraduate students.

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