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4D Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing 2023 Conference

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The second international 4D Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing 2023 (4DMDA 2023) Conference is organized by the 4D Printing Society. 4DMDA 2023 showcases the latest developments and technologies in smart materials, intelligent designs, modeling, additive manufacturing, and 3D/4D printing, alongside the current issues of concern in the further development of 3D/4D printed devices.

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This conference will be hosted in hybrid mode (in-person at Georgia Tech’s Technology Square Research Building, Atlanta, USA, and online format). The event will take place on September 7-8, 2023.

4D Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing Conference 2023 aims to bring together the most recent research on a variety of exciting topics such as (but not limited to):

Design methods for smart materials and additive manufacturing using artificial intelligence, topological optimization, etc.
New materials, design, and functionalities (digital materials, auxetics, lattices, metamaterials, smart materials in robotics, biomaterials, 3D/4D-printed soft robots, etc.)
Advanced additive manufacturing techniques of smart materials (4D printing, bioprinting, multi-material printing, AM processes, hybrid AM, closed-loop 3D printing, etc.)
Advanced modeling and simulation (mechanics of materials, constitutive modeling, shape memory effects, multi-physics, stimuli-responsive, coupling effects, etc.)
Characterization and innovative properties (morphing, mechanical, fatigue, aging, etc.)
Industrialization and applications (health, aerospace, automotive, defense, civil, etc.)
Current issues of concern in the further development of 4D materials, design, and additive manufacturing.
The 4D Printing Society invites abstracts and papers from researchers, students, and working professionals from academia as well as industry within the scope of the conference subjects.

The event will be live considering the different time zones. Each presentation will be recorded and then stored on the website so it will be accessible to registered participants.

The link to the 4DMDA 2022:

Submissions, Awards, Publications

Speakers are invited to submit 1-page abstract.

-To attend the conference as a speaker, please submit your 1-page abstract (including title+all names+affiliations+speaker name+ abstract+keywords) via the following submission tab no later than August 1, 2023.

–Single abstracts will be peer-reviewed and authors will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance within 7 days of their submission.

-On acceptance, you will be required to prepare a 15-minute PowerPoint presentation to be presented at the conference.

-On acceptance of your submission, you will be asked to make an online payment. Please check the registration section.

-Non-submitters are also welcome to attend the conference as audience members.

-3 Speakers will be chosen for the Best Presentation Awards conferred at the end of the conference. The judging panel will comprise four directors from the 4D Printing Society. Judges will decide on the awards based on the quality of both the written abstract and the presentation.

-The winners will receive a £50 Amazon voucher plus an official certificate from 4DPS with the title of “Best Research Paper presented – 4D Materials Design and Additive Manufacturing Conference 2023”.

-Additionally, high-quality abstracts and presentations are welcomed to submit proceeding papers and full-length paper for peer-review process and possible publication.

-Proceedings papers will be officially peer-reviewed after the conference to be included in the book of proceedings. All accepted papers will be published in a book of proceedings and indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) and Scopus.

-Additionally, all participants are invited to submit their high-quality full-length papers for peer-review and, if accepted, publication in the Focus Issue of the journal of Smart Materials and Structures.

We look forward to receiving your abstracts, full-length journal papers and proceedings papers. For further information please contact


Further details about the online conference can be found on the organisers website here

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