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Brackenhurst Library recycles its old furniture

Furniture from the old Brackenhurst Library is being recycled and will go to help furnish new schools overseas.

The complete remaining contents of the old Brackenhurst library are going to be recycled.

The furniture, shelves, tables, chairs and some computer monitors are going with the National Police Aid Convoy to help create two schools; one in Ghana and one in Pakistan.

The furniture, along with some chairs from Clifton, will give them everything they need, and once the schools are set up they'll send us some photographs of the schools in use.

We're delighted that we can help this very worthy cause, and in terms of the impact on the environment, it will help to divert several tonnes of waste from landfill, save lots of removal work and skip costs.

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Brackenhurst Library recycles its old furniture

Published on 14 January 2014
  • Category: Environment and sustainability; Library

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