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Who are Belly Dance? Let's find out!

"When I saw the Belly Dance stall at Fresher's Fair, I thought, I'd never have the confidence to get my belly out…I'm so glad I did!" Belly Dance is a fun, and exciting club to be part of - find out more from the members themselves!

The NTU Belly Dance club has grown to be a successful and fun (females only) sports club. With over 50 sports clubs available to students, we thought we'd focus on giving you the profile of a club that may not always be in the limelight but have some great aspirations and achievements.

NTU Sport and Lifestyle managed to catch up with current Belly Dance President Ruby Stolerman (Year 2, BSc Hons. Psychology) and other club members, to tell you all about why NTU Belly Dance Club could be the club for you:

NTU: Ruby, thanks for taking the time out from your studies and belly dance practice to speak to us. Please tell us who's on your club committee and their roles?

Ruby Stolerman: I'm the current president of the club and I make sure we're working together as a team to get girls excited about being part of NTU Belly dance and as involved as possible. Our Social Secretary is Sajitha, she ensures our members develop close friendships outside of the dance studio, organizing social events. She's a friendly face to have around and helps with demonstrations and making sure the girls are okay. Finally, the club's Vice President is Jasmine, she helps out with club organisation - doing the class register, getting numbers for upcoming shows, contacting other societies about joint events, club promotion and logistics.

NTU: So what was it that interested you in joining the club?

Ruby Stolerman: When I saw the Belly Dance stall at Fresher's Fair, I thought, I'd never have the confidence to get my belly out! I'd done different types of dance before though, so I thought why not give it a go. I'm so glad I did! There are so many moves and styles of Belly Dance from all over the world, so I've been learning a lot about dance culture too.

NTU: What do the sessions and training consist of?

Ruby Stolerman: We hold two, one hour sessions a week in the City Sports Centre dance studio. During the hour there's a mix of traditional Belly Dance and modern R'n'B music playing. Our professional dance teacher leads a warm up to loosen our muscles, before we begin learning a routine which we perform at various events. Our lovely teacher normally shows us how to do a move, we copy and then put them all together to a chosen track.

The second class of the week breaks down the routine further so that everyone is 100% confident on the technical side of each move. At the end of both classes we cool down to stretch out the muscles. It's a huge work out, so stretching before and after is vital!

NTU: What have been your achievements so far this year?

Ruby Stolerman: I'm really happy with how our club has been going so far! Unlike pretty much all the sports clubs, we're not a competing society. There's no varsity game for who's the best belly dancer! The dramatic increase in membership from last year is probably our most notable achievement. It's a club for all abilities, body shapes and sizes and we made sure that all girls knew this from the Fresher's Fair.

Another amazing achievement has been organizing a flashmob in Lace Market Square. It wasn't a regular performance where we'd get dressed up and wait for our name to be called - it was spontaneous and exciting. It brought everyone together as a family, people got to know each other and it was a massive confidence boost for everyone.

NTU: Ruby kindly asked one of the newer club members to tell us why they've enjoyed being part of the club so far and what has been most enjoyable?

Ruby cooper (A first year student): I love belly dancing. I've always been interested in it, but I've never had the opportunity to become involved in until I started at NTU. It's helped to boost my confidence and I've made some great friends and the socials are awesome too. The best part is doing shows and the buildup of rehearsals for them. I would definitely recommend belly dancing to anyone who wants to try something a little different.

NTU: We wish your club the best of luck for future events! And finally to end, please tell us why you feel anyone considering joining a sports club should consider joining your club?

Ruby Stolerman: Belly Dance is a fun, original style of dance originating from the Middle East and North Africa. It's an exciting and effective way to keep fit and is becoming increasingly popular with celebrities like Rihanna and Beyoncé. It strengthens and tones muscles – especially the legs, arms and tummy - and is a great form of exercise no matter what fitness level you're at. We organise regular performances – in student bars, showcases, and at charity events. It's the perfect club to gain body confidence, female empowerment and just to meet lots of new lovely people!

Find us on Facebook and please feel free to email us if you have any queries or would like further information.

Who are Belly Dance? Let's find out!

Published on 15 January 2014
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