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Study Abroad: A Success Story

After obtaining a Bachelors in Commerce and Marketing, Anna Farafonova was keen on gaining some international experience. Through conversing with the NTU MSc director, Anna was offered a place to study a Masters as well as a scholarship at NTU.

The Summer School Experience: Anna's Story

Not long after completing her degree in Commerce with a specialisation in Marketing, Anna was keen on embarking on the next step in her academia. Anna wanted international experience, so studying abroad was a viable option. This led to her visiting the QS World Grad School Tour in her native St Petersburg, Russia, and meeting the Nottingham Trent University director for MSc programs, Alex Hiller. 

Anna quickly built up a rapport with Nottingham Trent University following her talks with a number of official representatives. As Anna says "There was a chance to build a personal relationship with them and, consequently, this affected my experience of the application process positively. Moreover, I also liked the individual approach to students from the representatives' side". With this personal relationship already being created, Anna was able to exchange contact details with MSc director Alex Hiller, contacting him directly once she had submitted her application. Anna received an offer within three days of her application going out and was also in touch with other University administration staff, really putting her at ease through the process. 

A key motivation for Anna was the module content itself, which included an applied consultancy project instead of a dissertation, meaning the benefit of having work experience within the UK really supported Anna's desire to come over to the UK. With this in mind, the idea of scholarship really help Anna's decision as she knew financially she would have help saying: "Alex told me I could apply for the Nottingham Business School Scholarship, which would cover 50% of the tuition fees". She was also able to express her creativity within the application, writing a success story about herself as a CEO analysing her own career. 

Anna said of her time at NTU, "Time flies! I still cannot believe the year is over and all assignments submitted. The most useful skill for me was good time management. You study independently most of the time, and the course also includes a significant number of team projects. I thought I knew a lot about working in a team, but this year changed my mind and provided me with invaluable experience related to this".

Anna's main advice for prospective international students is to identify what the individual really wants. Anna says "Once you know what you are looking for, you will find a lot of opportunities to achieve it. Studying abroad is not a dream as it might be seen at the beginning. When you think only about studying abroad, this is very wide area to think about. Narrow it down. I started my preparation for studying abroad from making a decision about the type of course and the country."

Study Abroad: A Success Story

Published on 18 September 2014
  • Category: Nottingham Business School

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