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MSc International Business study tour

Students studying the MSc international have just completed their Applied/Consultancy Projects with international companies based abroad.

For the third year in a row, the MSc International Business students conducted their Applied / Consultancy Projects with international companies based abroad. On this occasion the MSc teams worked with Greek companies linked to the Unit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Democritus University of Thrace.

Each project was presented to the clients from the 7 – 11 July in Xanthi. The presentations related to the three months of work that the MSc International Business Students carried out with the companies involved, including: Coco-Mat (organic mattresses), Anatolikos Vineyards (wine), Sci-Gen (technology), Elith (graphics), Prisma (Electronic Engineering), More than Themes (graphics), and Sunlight (energy).

The underlying theme of the projects was International Business, which was approached from the perspectives of organisation, strategy, social entrepreneurship, and consultancy. This provided students with the chance to reflect on the challenges companies face in a fast-changing environment.

At the end of a week of presenting the Sunlight Entering New Markets Competition took place. The competing teams were made up of of MSc International Business students and Greek students. In spite of the Greek setting, the context revealed itself to be genuinely multicultural. The quick creation of a 'rapport' between the newly acquainted, multidisciplinary group of Greek students and the MSc International Business students laid the foundation for effective, sustainable networking.

The buzz words underpinning participants’ study tour and consultancy experience included: #INTENSE, #MULTICULTURAL, #CHALLENGING, #CHEERFUL, #MEMORABLE, #BENEFICIAL, #EDUCATIVE, #EPIC, #EXCITING, #IMPACTFUL, #UNFORGETTABLE, #REWARDING, #INSPIRING and #VALUABLE.

The team that oragnised the MSc International Business consultancy projects – Dr Kostas Galanakis, Dr Ofelia Palermo, and Dr Angelo Bisignano – proudly thank their students as well as their colleagues in Xanthi for the commitment and dedication shown throughout the process.

by Ofelia Palermo (programme leader, MSc International Business) and Charlotte Prost.

MSc International Business study tour

Published on 15 October 2014
  • Category: Nottingham Business School

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