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NTU Dance present 'MUSE'

On 30 November 2014, The Forum at Nottingham's Cornerhouse was transformed into the city's number one dance venue. NTU Dance took over the comedy come nightclub in order to create centre stage for the club to showcase their wide collection of talent.

NTU dance student

By Matt Nicholson

A packed Forum was treated to yet another exhilarating dancing exhibition on 30 November 2014 as it welcomed the return of the annual NTU Dance and Funky Fresh Collective collaboration – Muse.

Speaking to NTU Dance President Jade Beason in the lead up to the show, we questioned the choice of name.

"Muse is defined as 'a source of inspiration for a creative artist'. Having sourced inspiration from many different genres and styles it was a perfect fit for the 2014 show. It came with an added bonus, as the title of the routine which will be opening the show is called Muse."

The evening featured over 150 dancers from across City and Clifton campuses, who had all been working hard in the months leading up to the event.

There was barely room to move inside as students, staff, friends and family piled into the nightclub, all eager to witness just what had been magically growing behind those dance studio doors.

The event showcased the amazing array of talent here at Nottingham Trent University, with 21 performances of the highest quality from a number of different groups, ranging from beginners through to the first teams, once again highlighting the pure versatility and depth of both groups.

The night got underway as scripted with NTU Dance first team's performance of Muse which truly set the bench mark for the rest of the night. The audience was led on a beautifully choreographed tour of a range of styles from zealous salsa to lively tap in some of the most flowing and original routines to ever grace the Forum stage.

Funky Fresh were on top form too with screams of "FFC" an ever present throughout. Their performances oozed energy, enthusiasm and passion in the rawest and most talented form. The merge between the two groups was seamless, with the months of hard work and preparation clear for all to see.

The evening ended (well the dancing at least) with a well-received Christmas performed by the NTU Dance Committee to round off what has to be one of the highlights on the Trent calendar, just what can they surprise us with next year? I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

Participation Sports Development Officer Lyn Winkworth shared her pride at the end of the show when she said: "This fantastic performance was a fitting insight into what should be a superb year for NTU Dance Club."

Although the show is over and the venue has returned to normal, NTU Dance have yet to hang up their shoes. With such a fantastic achievement behind them, the buzz amongst the dancers will surely keep us all eager to see what's in store for the rest of the year.

To see all of the images from the night visit our Facebook page.

NTU Dance present 'MUSE'

Published on 9 December 2014
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